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Play Station Dirt 4 Game Trailer Released! Now You Can Design Your Own Track


The talk of the game town, upcoming rally racing video game Dirt 4 developed by Codemasters, introduced a new feature, which is titled as Your Stage. As the name suggest it has been designed for the use of games, i.e., it will allow players to create their own race tracks. In addition to Your Stage, the developers also said that the game will carry two versions, which implies players will get large extent of limited in-game items.

Dirt 4 Game Trailer

More about Your Stage

It is being said that Your Stage will surely become the center of attraction of the game. It will provide players the ability to perform certain alterations according to their will, such as, setting weather in their own race track, change the type of day, i.e., making it morning, evening or night. They can also adjust the difficulty level by changing the shape of turn, making it sharp and adding huge humps in the track. Consequently, it will bring an amazing as well as challenge ride for the players.

Dirt 4 Game

The two version phenomena:

The two versions of the game Dirt 4, named as The Day One Edition and The Special Edition respectively. The Day One Edition will provide Hyundai R5 to the players, which is said to be the most amazing car in looks as well as in performance among all the other cars in the game. With that players can compete in the Hyundai event.

The Second Edition holds a Founder Icon for the players and surprisingly it also carries a Team Booster Pack, which is believed to be there to help the starters. Codemasters confirmed that The Second Edition of the game not only contain the contents of The Day One Edition but also surpasses the quantity as well as quality in terms of content than The Day One Edition. Dirt 4 is expected to be released in June 2017 and will be available to play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.