Scandal Season 7 Ready to Start Gets New Date from ABC

A lot more has to be revealed by the ongoing season of Scandal, but that doesn’t stop the fans from thinking and expecting that what the season 7 of Scandal is going to bring for them, as it getting renewed by ABC on February 10. The fans have another reason to sigh, apart from the overwhelming news the other two TGIT series, Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away also got a green signal from the network.

Scandal Season 7 Ready to Start Gets New Date from ABC

Channing Dungey, the president of ABC Entertainment confirmed that all the TGIT shows have kept the viewers exciting throughout by mentioning ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ‘Scandal’ and ‘how to get away with murder’ continue to make viewers their eyeballs attached to screen and wanting a never ending time, as stated by the report of International Business Times. He added ‘I am thrilled to bring back the OMG moments by bringing back these shows that come with them.’

The scandal has gained impressive TGIT ratings, along with the other two TGIT series, as well as good viewership numbers throughout. All the three shows were bound to get renewed for the new installments, unsurprisingly. Three episodes have been delivered by the ongoing season of Scandal until now, and the upcoming one is going to hit the television screens tonight. There is a lot more to reveal, and positive views have already started being fetched by the shows.

Scandal Season 7 Ready to Start Gets New Date from ABC

Considering the story that, how a former director of White House communications learns that other people around her also have some dark deep secrets, apart from her clients. The Scandal’s very first rolled out installment by the show runners has already gained a lot of recognition.

Some new cast members might get introduced in Scandal season 7, but no official announcement has been made yet. The original star cast is going to bring back once again with the seventh installment of the political thriller television series.



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