Sunil Grover Politely Says “No” To Rishi Kapoor

The fight between the very renown comedy artist and celebrity Kapil Sharma and Comedy artist Sunil Grover is not finding any possible end, even after being tried by a legend celebrity of Bollywood. A recent news confirms that Sunil is in no mood to make a comeback to the team of Kapil soon. While a recent tweet of Rishi Kapoor in which he is requesting or somewhat asking Sunil to reunite with Kapil is not enough for Sunil to let all the insult meltdown easily. While Sunil’s sudden reply on this tweet statement is a polite ‘No’.

Sunil Grover Politely Says “No” To Rishi Kapoor

The feud started when there was news that Kapil Sharma got so much drunk, that he started abusing and even start fighting inside their flight after they were coming from their live show outside India. While the incident shocked everyone, about how a down-to-earth person like Kapil Sharma gets involved in insulting his crew members and one of his show’s star character and artist. While Sunil thereafter leaves the show and didn’t make a come back till now.

Sunil Grover Politely Says "No" To Rishi Kapoor

Sunil is very famous for his roles as ‘Gutthi’ and ‘Dr. Mashoor Gulati’ in the show. The famous personality has won thousands of hearts across India and after seeing this behaviour of Kapil, Ali Asgar who portrays the character of ‘Dadimaa’ in the show and Chandan Prabhakar who plays the role of ‘Chai-wala’ in the show left for making a stand against this offendable incident being done by Kapil inside the flight. Countering this Kapil has made many attempts to ask for forgiveness from Sunil, he even write a tweet to him for asking forgiveness to his mistake and coming back to the show. But Sunil’s reply is not changed since the beginning of this fight. Kapil has counted his first show which has got more dislikes.

Kapil has counted his first show which has got more dislikes than like on youtube and on other Social media, while this shows that how he is deeply affected by Sunil’s leaving the show. While Kapil is now finding some ways to counter the problem by asking for some legendary comedians like Raju Shristav, Ehsaan Qureshi and some other artists including Upasna Singh portraying ‘Bua’ to come on the show and he himself is also trying his level best to tackle this problem without losing the further reputation of the show.

The fan-following of the show got a major hit because of this and is not trying to come back from it. On the other hand, Sunil gover and Ali Asgar is expected to come on the show ‘Sabse Bada Kalakar’, while the show is ongoing right now and they are going to make their appearance for their performance on the show. So guys stay tuned with us for more updates and latest trending news.



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