The Missing Season 2 Episode Statice: Beholds Many Secrets Spoilers

The missing season 2 seems to be finally connecting the dots, just when Statice episode pops up and everything changes. They didn’t mere shifted to next plot this time, the team created Statice up to that level, it became the calmest yet reflective one.

The Missing Season 2 Episode Statice

In this episode, we get the glimpse of the presence of third girl accompanying Alice and Sophie Giroux. Surprisingly, Sophie is alive. However, the third girl was seen in the rollercoaster photo wearing the bird-shaped necklace same as that of Sophie and that of the charred corpse in the shed. The corpse is the one whose DNA was a match with Sam Webster.

The Missing Season 2 Episode Statice: Beholds Many Secrets Spoilers

Now, the question arises whether the DNA test was false by all means or Sam had another daughter which is about to be revealed in the coming episodes. She could be the illegitimate daughter of Sam, as he was so fond of adultery. Other than that, we are still confused on the news of Henry Reed murder and who killed him is still not disclosed. All the answers will soon be answered in four episodes’ time, but the audience will keep wondering till then.

We didn’t want to wonder that much so from our resources we get the details of what is going on in the show. Resources have suggested that the third girl in the shed was actually the secret daughter of none other than Sam Webster and Nadia Hertz, as of his adultery on duty in Iraq in 1991. However, Sophie is alive and is reunited with her lover in Switzerland. Moreover, it was Sophie, who killed Henry Reed. Nadia was attacked by skinhead twins, which was all planned by Hilda the parrot.

Eventually, we have to wait for another four episodes to finally know the truth, when all the things will make clear.



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