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TV’s “Fastest” Comedy Show Title Retained By Silicon Valley In Season 4


All comedy has its own form of capturing the attention of viewers and also their laughs. It may be side gags, dialogue, creative soundtrack or even just by editing. There is absolutely no way to differentiate a comedic cat. Silicon Valley does the same things and also adds something of its own that is an absolute disregard for any level of the narrative barrier. That’s what makes it wonderful.

Fastest Comedy Show Title Retained By Silicon Valley In Season 4

The new season of the Silicon Valley is different from the previous seasons. This is because of the initial pace with which the new season moves. The huge amounts of “unfortunate situations” that fall on our Hero as thought they were (Steve) job also makes it a stand out appearance. Destroying all the new twists and turns would be really unfair.

TV’s “Fastest” Comedy Show Title Retained By Silicon Valley In Season 4

The new season opens shortly after the events of Season 3. Richard Hendrix’s (originally Thomas Middleditch) composition the Pied Piper failed mainly due to the inability of the Pied Piper crew, finding new investors for the app is really a hard job due to the disgrace that Richard received for the failure of the pied piper. At the same time Hooli CEO Gavin Belson is enjoying in the glow of the success of Hooli Endframe project with Jack “action” Barker. Although some very funny issues threaten to destroy the relationship.

This is where the suspense remains. Spoilers don’t normally destroy the fun of 30 minutes shows like the Silicon Valley. But in this case the surprising developments are very crucial to the actual humor of the show. Silicon Valley is not only popular because it uses new shows but also because it does it very quickly and discards it immediately. At some point on the show, Richard and his friends plan to destroy the concept of Jack Barker’s pied piper and come up with their own plan to develop Richards plan in secret. That is really a wonderful moment. It feels like the show is setting itself to make the rest of the season a cat and mouse chase. In the climax scene, Richard trips and scatters some documents meant to be shred directly in front of Jack. Jack picks them up and reads them, this ends the conspiracy in a hilarious manner. The first few scenes are filled with brilliant comical sub plots. They make a valuable addition to the plot.

Silicon Valley accepts the Sitcom equation and almost challenges itself with new situations and developments as jokes. The end product is a show that just doesn’t end up being funny but is also trilling and exciting. It is really fun to see Richard and his friends fail repeatedly and every time they refrain from giving up, rather they come up with new ideas. The first episode in the series is only a little boring and the least effective among the lot. Silicon Valley is the best comedy on TV because the writers came up with innovative ideas only meant to throw them away.