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3rd Category of Hurricane


Hurricane is so dangerous, and it can destroy the whole island. The biggest threat of the U.S. is Hurricane and every year hurricanes come in August September. This year’s most significant risk of Hurricane was to Florida.

Image Source: CNBC

Many strategies were made to stop the Hurricane. Last year $90 billion was spent to recover Florida, and by the time it is getting improved. This year more than seven people have announced dead in recent days, and Hurricane was expected to move to Florida by this week.

The storm was also threatening the coasts of Georgia and was ready to destroy Virginia and was becoming deadly while moving towards.

Winds were going with the speed of 115 mph as it was moving towards north of Carolinas and was pushing ocean waves to become stronger and dangerous.

Hurricane was expected to be of category 5, but now it is back in grade 3. From the time it left the southeast part of the U.S. by the late-night Wednesday it moved towards the southwest part of Virginia and become deadly in the region of Bahamas.

By the time it entered the island, it had become the most active Hurricane of all the time leaving 20 people dead behind and dropped to category two from the 5th category.

Dorian is expected to face Hurricane for next more 12 hours and maybe become week by Friday as per the reports and researches of National Hurricane Center.

Wind speed was measured 115mph with big ocean waves when it entered North of Carolinas.
Till the time more than 1,500 people become refugee who lost their house kept in 28 shelters in Carolina, where rains were falling slowly, which is located near peninsula and is the flood-prone area.

Hurricane will soon enter Florida, and one guy already died in Florida while preparing for the storm.