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A More Habitable Planet Than Earth


As everyone on this planet knows that our scientists are doing their level best to find a more suitable world to live, and after some time interval we get to know that a new planet discovered where there are some chances of the existence of life.

Image Credit: Universe Today

Scientists are forced to search for a much more and better place where humans can live. By now the only planet where life exists and is in the eyes of our scientists is earth, so they are searching for more Earth-like planets.

From 18th August till 23rd August a meeting took place in the Barcelona Congress where all the researchers and scientists of NASA were present, and they all researched and explained that some of the other planets have better conditions for humans to live.

All the scientists conducted the study, and they studied the various projects of outer space,  including the exoplanets.

As per the researches, exoplanets are those where there is the existence of water and is somehow suitable for life existence and can maintain stable temperatures.

NASA and some other research agencies have some software from which they can get to know about the climate, temperature, and see if there are oceans or other water bodies present over there. After several types of research and experiments, all the Scientists were able to figure out what kind of planets can develop more and can have a biospheric temperature.

In their recent researches, it said that the planets that they discovered have slower rotations and higher density of climate and higher rates of the existence of life.

This planet may not be more habitable as per the other planets, but it has a better rotation rate.