Home Health A South Carolina cancer patient marries her fiance in hospital

A South Carolina cancer patient marries her fiance in hospital

Cancer women married her fiance in hospital premises after being diagnosed with 4th stage cancer on the wedding date.


It was November 02, when women from South Carolina married her fiance in a hospital. Cancer patient Kizzie Priestly is on her 4th stage of cancer and she needs to get hospitalized just before her marriage.

Priestly married her fiance David Hall in an unusual manner at Trinity Medical Center near Charleston, S.C., on Nov. 2, 2017, as confirmed by Trinity Medical Centre’s video posted on Social Media.

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Priestly is a patient of lungs, breasts and brain cancer. As according to the media reports, the lady got hospitalized on her big day but the officials over there helped them in securing their big day by making them married under the hospital premises.

The couple celebrated their wedding and the video of the event was published by the hospital staff on social media with a message “Her body is battling cancer, but her spirit can’t be conquered.”

Priestly was in a wheelchair and still, they had a proper ritual wedding in the hotel premises. There was a large number of the attendant and just a normal wedding they both tied the knot of their life with each other. Kizzie Priestly was emotional at the event while finding her fiance intact with her in her last moment too.