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A virus can paralyse you, know more about it here


Viruses are always a threat to mankind and sometimes they become so dangerous that they can take away a human life. Many of the strains of viruses are not known, one such virus which is mysterious is in focus of the doctors as it creates the situation like polio in a human. Many cases have been reported and patients are suffering from a polio-like disease in New Jersey.

A condition which is called as acute flaccid myelitis in which the muscles of the body become weak and even that weak, it can also lead to paralysis.

Shockingly the hospitals reported 38 cases in 16 states which are confirmed suffering from the disease caused by the mysterious virus. These cases are reported from different areas of U.S. like Washington, Colorado, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

It is a matter of great concern as the U.S. is coming under the attack of this virus, A spike has been reported and federal health officials have become active regarding the case and started the investigation to see the cause of the spread of the virus.

Many states are investigated except New jersey but some parts are also affected there.

AFM refers to acute flaccid myelitis and is a rare disease. It particularly infects the children. Main areas which are infected are spinal cord, nervous system, these are the connecting nerves and lessen the power of reflexes of any action and muscles gets weak to perform any action.

SYMPTOMS: Like paralysis, people get weakness in their muscles of leg and arms. Reflexes get slow. Also drooping face or eyelids, difficulty moving the eyes and difficulty swallowing or slurred speech. The CDC says In severe cases, respiratory failure can occur “when the muscles involved in breathing become weak,”

If the situation gets worse then the neurological complications also emerge out. The CDC is very confused and cannot answer the root cause of the cases. The task of identifying the virus is so hectic and testing is going on. The disease can often be tricky to identify, even after extensive testing, the CDC says.

“It is probably an enterovirus, but they have not determined which yet,” said Dr. David Cennimo, an assistant professor of medicine-pediatrics infectious disease at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, in a statement. “Most people experience enterovirus as a cold, but in a few unlucky ones they can have severe complications.”

The suspected virus are poliovirus, adenovirus, West nile virus. Enterovirus are mild virus and cannot cause such disease but they are responsible for the slowing down the activity of neurons so maybe enterovirus may be the one.  If someone gets targeted by the mysterious virus then one do not need to panic. The CDC says that less than one in a million people in the U.S. will get AFM each year. There are total 362 cases of AFM which are reported in the U.S. and it affects the children of growing age.

However, there is no proper treatment for AFM. The CDC says a neurologist may recommend certain physical or occupational therapy “to help with arm or leg weakness caused by AFM.”