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After Alexa ‘Ecobee’ supports Google Assistant too

Ecobee is now capable of supporting Google Assistant, and can now be controlled by Google Home.


Home automation company Ecobee upgraded its widely used residential thermostats. From today these thermostats will go little more capable by moving with the support of Google Assistant. Ecobee3, Ecobee3 Lite, and Ecobee4 can be accessed with the help of Google Home or by any other device that supports Google Assistance.


You can adjust your room thermostat on the go just by giving voice command like “Ok Google, Make my room warmer.” This is an addition to the Ecobee accessibility which supports ALEXA too.

Ecobee thermostats are not just the one to add Google Assistant support, Honeywell has already added this to many of its thermostats in August of last year. Alphabet’s owned brand Nest also linked its devices with Google Assistant support. This update in Ecobee opens up more options for the buyer to shift from other thermostats to Ecobee thermostats. This makes buyers easier to shift from other thermostats to Ecobee.

Ecobee is one of the most convenient thermostats to connect with smart home systems. Ecobee earlier models like Ecobee3 and Ecobee3 Lite supports other services like SmartThings and IFTTT and the newest Ecobee4 even supports Alexa too. Ecobee4 supports Alexa which made it capable to treat like Echo Dot.

Adding Google Assistant Support to Ecobee doesn’t mean that you can ask your Ecobee to search information for you but this can at least help you to maintain your room temperature using your Android¬†phone. Technology is making hand work-free day by day as machines and technology are taking over in every single thing. Ecobee is one of them now.