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Agnes Varda Dies At The Age Of 90

Her former name was Arlette Varda and then she changed it o Agnes Varda. 


Agnes Varda who was the successful filmmaker died on Friday morning in Paris. She was 90, suffering from breast cancer. She was passionate about photography and studied this at Ecole des Beauz-Arts. She collaborated with French photographer at the age of 89 and made Faces Place which featured two people who met local people and made their friendship better. One of her movies also got nominated in the Academy Awards. Born on May 30, 928 in Belgium. Her former name was Arlette Varda and then she changed it o Agnes Varda.

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“I just didn’t see films when I was young,” she said in a 2009 interview. “I was stupid and naïve. Maybe I wouldn’t have made films if I had seen lots of others; maybe it would have stopped me.

“I started totally free and crazy and innocent,” she continued. “Now I’ve seen many films, and many beautiful films. And I try to keep a certain level of quality of my films. I don’t do commercials, I don’t do films pre-prepared by other people, I don’t do star system. So I do my own little thing.”

“She was very clear about her feeling that the New Wave was a man’s club and that as a woman it was hard for producers to back her, even after she made ‘Cléo’ in 1962,” T. Jefferson Kline, a professor of French at Boston University and the editor of “Agnès Varda: Interviews” (2013), said in an interview for this obituary. “She obviously was not pleased that as a woman filmmaker she had so much trouble getting produced. She went to Los Angeles with her husband, and she said when she came back to France it was like she didn’t exist.” “Despite my joy,” Ms. Varda told the actress Mireille Amiel in a 1975 interview, “I couldn’t help resenting the brakes put on my work and my travels.”