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AMD Introduced Ryzen 16-Core CPU To Beat Intel In Terms Of Price Performance & Power


Ryzen is AMD brand which is introduced in 2017 for microprocessors with products having Zen microarchitecture. Non-gaming ventures are pushed by company to the cutting edge of the project of multi-thread CPU. The company is having Intel’s latest processors as competitors. From February Ryzen has been making its presence in the market for speed, power as well as cost also. The company is also looking forward to make bigger move in market by introducing a giant 16 core,32 thread CPU.

AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU Details

Multi-threaded processor like Ryzen easily beats Intel’s CPU according to Forbes. It clearly beats Intel’s CPU in terms of making content workloads and rendering and it surely offers a value for money. AMD is working like bigger player.

AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU Details

This 16 core, 32 thread CPU has six more cores than the flagship desktops of Intel which is Core i7-6950x. Latest product of Intel has 10 core with 20 threads. If this is going to continue then the production of this CPU will surely push the company to the top of industry and adding to that the best choice would be rumored CPU.

Pins in the CPU socket along with Land Grid Array (LGA) will be available on the new platform according to publication. This design is the proof in Intel’s i7 itself but not with the recent one of Ryzen. Nowadays, motherboards and CPUs of Ryzen 7 don’t have a quad-channel memory support available and that generally means that the forthcoming CPU will have a dedicated high end desktop.

However, there is not real proof available that Ryzen is making new CPU as per WCCF tech, but still if it were to arrive then it is expected to have same cost as like existing products in the market; though there will not be a similar price but the CPU from Ryzen will be more economical option rather than Intel’s offering.