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America Is Building The Moon Lander In Association With India


Image Courtesy: Indiatimes.com

NASA is up to sending humans on the Moon once again and this time NASA is taking the support of other countries for building the equipment that NASA needs. As recently, NASA is associating with India for building the 21st century’s first US lunar lander. NASA is willing to spend over $250 million and is hiring private organizations from all over the world and later the equipment that will be made in the association with those private companies will later be sent to the moon for the scientific missions. The main mission is to gather as much as information that can possibly be gathered from the lunar and pilot techs for landing robotic explorers. NASA has given the contract to three companies named Astrobotic, Intuitive Machines, and Orbit Beyond for the 2021 mission and the deadline to complete their respective project is 2020. The design of the lander will be done under TeamIndus which is an Indian Company and Orbit Beyond is one of the unique among other nine contestants in NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program in that it is a mutual arrangement among them and NASA. India is even planning to send its own rover to the Moon named Chandrayaan-2, in July 2019 which is a project by The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Steve Altimus, the CEO of Intuitive Machines, said on May 31, “There aren’t nine lunar lander capable teams in the United States. The workforce and the skill mix of our teams are very critical in building the right talent to build the right lander.” TeamIndus founder Rahul Narayan told Quartz in 2016, “declares that India can compete at the highest level of technology.” These type of collaborations between organizations from all over the world is common as International Space Station was built under the collaboration of 15 nation which included  the US, Russia, Canada, and Japan, built the International Space Station.