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American Horror Story Season 7 Theme Presidential Election Casting |Release Date


As opposed to keep the subject for the following season of American Horror Story safely guarded, Ryan Murphy has chosen to blessing his fans with a remiss Valentine’s Day treat. Showing up on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live Wednesday, the showrunner uncovered that the following installment of the freakish horror series will cover the 2016 decision. Yes, truly. Will Donald Trump show up as a character? “Perhaps,” Murphy disputes.

American Horror Story Season 7

At the Television Critics Association winter squeeze visit a month ago, FX boss John Landgraf guaranteed that Murphy had hit on “yet another truly imaginative thought. There’s a showcasing and limited time snare around that.” Was he alluding to the initial 100 days of the Trump administration? Has this been one long popular promoting ploy?

American Horror Story Season 7 Theme Presidential Election Casting |Release Date

Addressing host Andy Cohen, Murphy clarified: “I don’t have a title, yet the season that we start shooting in June will be about the race that we just experienced. I surmise that will enthusiasm for many people.” Now the central issue for obstinate fans is who Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson—the main two cast individuals affirmed to return—will play.

It’s conceivable Murphy was compelled to tip his hand sooner than he needed to because of the news Tuesday that movie producer Mark Boal and maker Megan Ellison are likewise working together on an up and coming 8-to-10 hour “political show” concentrating on the 2016 decision. On the off chance that he had kept the Season 7 topic a mystery any longer, Murphy risked appearing as though he was duplicating the Zero Dark Thirty partners—however suffice it to state, his approach will be altogether different in tone.

This won’t, thank heavens, likewise be the American Horror Story season that sees the arrival of different Murder House and Coven characters for a major hybrid occasion. “It won’t be next season,” Murphy said of the arranged gathering the previous fall. “Be that as it may, we will do a season that is a hybrid between Murder House and Coven together, which is extremely strange.” Adding Trump to that effectively odd Horror Story stew? Since would be a turn too far.

It’s intriguing that Murphy would concentrate on the Hillary Clinton/Trump tidy up when he’s as of now set to put an anecdotal Clinton under his focal point for American Crime Story Season 4, which will, supposedly, concentrate on the late 90’s Monica Lewinsky outrage. Images about American Horror Story: Trump have as of now been skimming around the Internet as far back as a scene of Season 6 agreed with one of the Clinton/Trump faces off regarding the previous fall.

It’s vague yet whether Season 7 will be an exacting delineation of the race, or something all the more typically and digressively related. Murphy as of now investigated how web-based social networking and unscripted television acclaim can prompt to desperate conditions in Season 6. Is that huge Trump representation going to get exceptionally strict? Back in October—when Trump was all the while something of an underdog—Murphy promised “You’ll truly observe it after this season. We lay a great deal of pipe, and you’ll see it detonate in Seasons 7 and 8.” Did he as of now have this arrangement as a primary concern path in those days?

Provided that this is true, that must be known as a shrewd proceed onward Murphy’s part. Whatever second thoughts individuals may have about American Horror Story handling something as sensibly and dangerously divisive as the 2016 decision, there’s no denying that any show—be it Stephen Colbert’s or Saturday Night Live—straightforwardly handling Trump has seen a knock in evaluations. As it were, seven seasons in, American Horror Story might be made a beeline for its most famous run yet.