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American TV Series New Girl Season 6 Episode 18 “Young Adult” Spoilers Review


New Girl is an American television series airing on Fox since 2011.  The story revolves around Jess, a tall young woman who is struggling through her break-up. She manages to pick up her broken pieces into one and moves into an apartment. She shares the same with three single men who somehow manage to be with her most of the times. The series has already premiered 5 seasons while the sixth season is in progress.

New Girl Season 6 Episode 18

The episode has been titled “Young Adult” and the critics assume it to be the most appropriate title for the recent episode as it truly justifies the exact perceptions of the viewers from the “new girl”. Although the story progresses the storyline remains the same. We see Jess juggling out with things and convincing people around her to accept her. She is helped by Nick and Schmidt during her efforts most of the times. Despite of being promoted as the Principal, Jess is quiet disheartened as she witnesses a change in the behavior of her students after her promotion. The students mock at her and pass inappropriate comments on her which hurts her most. She tries to portray herself as the coolest Principal but in vain. Her plan backfires at her and then she approaches Nick for help.


Nick confronts the students and reveals the entire story to them. After the kids come to know that Jess and her friends had been dating she becomes one popular figure in the school among all the female students.

The story progresses. It gets entertaining for the viewers to watch such episode. Moreover, apart from Jess and Nick the episode also focuses upon Schmidt and Jeremy.  Their story marks some emotional connotations that were earlier seen during the Valentine’s Day Episode. The best part about the episode is that it isn’t draggy.