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Anti-Gravity Hotel In Space


A hotel in space is under construction and is expected to be built by 2025. There will be an artificial gravity in the hotel which will help astronauts to live there peacefully during the there trip.

Von Braun Space Station will build this hotel. The hotel will be inspired by the concepts and design of scientists of Nazi and American rocket experts.
This space station can be operated by the end of the year 2025 and will be made by robots and drones.

Image Credit: The Guardian

If trips here on earth are not satisfying you then trip to space and in that hotel will amaze you. After the next few years. The agency that is going to build the hotel revealed a lot of information about the project. It will be amazing, and the project will stay in hype till the time it will able to operate because this will be the first hotel in outer space.

Tim Alatorre is designing this project and wants to make this space hotel a very commonplace to visit.
According to him, he wants people to pick the option to go to a space hotel instead of going on vacation to Disney islands or some cruise.

In starting it will be only available to those who are very rich or are have money to afford the trip but soon he will make this possible for the regular or middle-class people to visit there at a lower price.

If all the plans execute correctly, then it will become a tourist spot as well as a place to enjoy vacations and will look similar to International Space Station.
This hotel will be 620 feet long in the shape of a rotating wheel and while stay at the left of the moon.

Reports say that at a time 24 individuals can stay there and will have every accommodation as we have here on earth.