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Apple is expected to turn the world’s largest smartphone maker with its huge iPhone X sale.

Increasing demand of iPhone X can make Apple the biggest smartphone maker.


According to Taiwanese market research firm TrendForce, Apple can turn into the world’s largest smartphone maker in the fourth quarter of the year 2017 with the heavy demand for iPhone X. The huge demand for iPhone X can make the company gain top position in shipment as well as it will entitle the company as the largest smartphone maker.

Apple vs Samsung

According to TrendForce Apple will record 19.1 percent market share in the fourth quarter which is slightly higher than Samsung’s estimated 18.2 percent market share. Chinese vendors like Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi are expected to shift the top 5 graph. Xiaomi is expected to be in the third rank as the company lifted up its sale with a good mark over the last 2 quarters.

If the above-mentioned scenario comes then it would be amazing that the company who launched only 1-2 smartphone every year defeated the smartphone maker who makes more than a dozen launch every year. Moreover, Samsung provides budget phone which ranges from below $200 while Apple creates high-end devices which cost high and the least of that is $349 i.e, for iPhone SE.

As we all know that the fourth quarter always turns out the best for Apple and this time also it seems like Apple will gain the title of the biggest smartphone maker of the globe if it overtakes Samsung’s total sale.

The newest release of Apple made the sales graph declined for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus which was already expected by us all. And just because of that Samsung is trying to lift up the sales by launching Ads on social media and televisions.

A recent Ad by Samsung showcased the issues in iPhone like the storage issue and incapability to resistance to water.