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Apple proved critics wrong by giving a restless Face ID unlock

Apple hand-on review reveals that the Face ID added by Apple in its iPhone X is not at a distance from an excellent performance.


It will look quite strange if I’ll tell you that Apple introduced the most advanced technology in its fresh release of iPhone X. Almost every one of us is aware of the new Face ID introduced by Apple in which one needs to just have a look over his iPhone X to unlock the device.

iPhone X

On the launch event of Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, the giant smartphone maker first introduced their 8 series phones with a better hardware and software including an enhanced camera. Later they introduced us all with their 10th-anniversary surprise i.e. iPhone X.

The iPhone X is enabled with face unlocking feature i.e, the Face ID. During the launch event, one of Apple’s engineer was showing the feature to the attendant and to all the people who were connecting with live screen sharing. During that time it was a short time lag in face unlocking of iPhone X.

The lag that the device failed to get unlocked even after 2-3 tries. Media brands & critics took it as a negative point and started making pre-release judgments over the working of Face ID. People even posted that the Face ID will have its debut in the industry and will need improvement.

News Agencies and critics made it highlight that the Face ID will not be that much effective and secure than the Fingerprint unlock. But now after the release of iPhone X who’s pre-booking was started on October 27, people started posting that the Face ID is working perfectly and there is no unlock issue.

So the time lag in unlock occurred during the launch event can be any reason, but in the hands-on review, the device is working perfectly with the Face ID function.

Apple proved all the haters wrong by giving an outstanding debut of their Face ID feature. The device works best with the feature and even provides a much strong safety and security for your handset.