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Apple To Bring Apple Pencil In iPhone 11


Evidence is coming one after one that Apple will bring Apple Pencil support in iPhone 11
iPhone is getting released on 3 November 2019

Apple has always been an up-and-coming and unique brand in terms of something different. Everyone is pretty sure that apple’s next generation of iPhone will bring Apple pencil support, there has been tons of replaying since the day back in 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, he also rashed explicitly pointing out his comments at the particular moment during the introduction of the iPhone.

Image Credit: BGR

Expected features in the iPhone 11 are it will be available in different sizes, OLED and LCD displays, Triple lens camera, A13 chip, wireless charging, frosted glass back ( all these are just rumors or predictions, there is no official statement on the product, so just wait and watch what will be there in iPhone’s next generation)

Everyone can probably imagine where things are going, who wants stylus nowadays? Steve asked the audience, No one wants stylus 12 years later, so its believed where apple is taking iPhone too.

According to some predictions and reports, iPhone 11 will include support for a stylus; there are also plans for iPhone 11 pro cases that will consist of space where we can store the pencil.

The case is currently selling on the website of a UK’s retailer and have a description: made with premium leather which protects your phone with additional space to store an Apple pencil. To have a case for the iPhone to store the pen, we can also see the iPhone’s three-lens camera module.

It’s probably the best proof and evidence that reveals what will happen next month and what will there be in iPhone.