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Apple’s iPhone X comes with a few disclaimers on its OLED screen

Apple gives a disclaimer on its iPhone X's OLED screen burn-in along with a color and hue shifting.


Impressed with the features and functionalities of the newly launched iPhone X? You must see these disclaimers posted by Apple on the OLED Screen of the iPhone X. This can even turn your mind in opposite direction, and these are must disclaimers which you need to know before investing around 1000 bucks.

iPhone X

Apple iPhone X comes with a 5.8-inch OLED screen which is called as Super Retina display by Apple. Smartphone giant Apple is claiming that this Super Retina display is one of the finest and best one for smartphones. Apple’s iPhone X is the first smartphone to come with this screen technology but you need to carry these disclaimers about the screen too.

Apple posted disclaimer over their Super Retina display or OLED screen that color and hue shifting using an iPhone X at off-angles can be there as it is a characteristic of the OLED display. Also, the company says that screen burn-in can also occur in some circumstances.

So with the topmost quality screen, you will get some loose points like color and hue shifting and a risk of screen burn-in. As tested by our team the smartphone will not face this screen burn-in problem easily unless and until you will pitch the device to get the load in the display and turn on its heating element.

This OLED screen was earlier used by Apple on Apple Watch and also on the touch bar on MacBook Pro but I must say that the display used in iPhone X is very amazing to use and gives an all new screen interface.

Apple recommends the device to be used on Auto-Brightness, shorter Auto-Lock. Given below is a major disclaimer about Apple’s iPhone X OLED screen.

If you look at an OLED display off-angle, you might notice slight shifts in color and hue. This is a characteristic of OLED and is normal behavior. With extended long-term use, OLED displays can also show slight visual changes. This is also expected behavior and can include “image persistence” or “burn-in,” where the display shows a faint remnant of an image even after a new image appears on the screen. This can occur in more extreme cases such as when the same high contrast image is continuously displayed for prolonged periods of time. We’ve engineered the Super Retina display to be the best in the industry in reducing the effects of OLED “burn-in.”