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Apple’s iPhone X Drop Result: It can cost high for a casual hand slip

iPhone X can cost you large even for a normal drop from your hand.


Planning to buy the newly launched iPhone X? Wait, some of the things will make your steps to back out. Apple gave a disclaimer over the Super Retina Display or the OLED display that color and hue shifting can be a usual one in this. Also, screen burn-in can also occur in severe cases. With these disclaimers, Apple made itself secure.

Apple iPhone X

When it comes to maintenance of the gadget, you can be charged high if you had a normal slip of your iPhone from your hand. If can cost you hundreds of dollar in a small hand-slip. A recent drop test is done by CNET is surprising and is giving spooky results.

The team dropped the iPhone X from a height of three feet and the device fell down from the edge causing a heavy back panel damage. A second drop test is done on the front side of the phone extracted much more heavy damage to the handset.

Smartphone security brand SquareTrade which offers protection plans for smartphone also done some drop test with the new iPhone X and the results were much drastic than the test performed by CNET.

Team SquareTrade dropped the phone from a height of six feet from the front side of the phone, it made functional damage too. With this drop test, the results were a severe damage to the screen and TrueDepth sensor array. When the phone was dropped from the same height from the back panel, it caused complete damage to the back glass panel. And the drop from the edge also caused physical and functional damage to the smartphone.

Company SquareTrade also performed a test by putting the phone in a washer for around 60 minutes. The results were surprised that the unlocking of the phone was not regular after the test.

So, the conclusion over this reveals that buying an iPhone would be easy for you. You just need to spend $999 for an iPhone X but a small drop will cause you a heavy financial loss.

If in a case you get your iPhone X dropped from hand and the back panel got damaged then it will cost you around 300 bucks and for the front, it’s $500 without any functional repair.