Home Headlines As Amazon Fires Rage Health Concern Rise In Brazil

As Amazon Fires Rage Health Concern Rise In Brazil

As Amazon Fires Rage Health Concern Rise In Brazil
As Amazon Fires Rage Health Concern Rise In Brazil: Image Source

Porto Velho, Brazil- On Tuesday, persistent smoke in Amazon forests increases the worries of Brazilians according to whom the respiratory problems among the elderly and children have augmented with the spread of fire in the region.

According to what a nurse at Rondonia state capital Porto Velho said while waiting for a doctor’s appointment for her five years old son the kids have been suffering a lot. The nurse said that the kids were having a lot of breathing problems and she was concerned because this problem may affect their overall health too. As it is stated in the system of Cosme e Damia Children’s Hospital there has been a sudden increase noticed in eth number of patients brought in for the treatment of respiratory problems.

A local newspaper of Brazil Folha De Paulo shared a report in which Daniel Pires who is a pediatrician said that the period has been quite difficult for the affected people.  He added that the combination of smoke-dry weather affects the children quite badly and they face problems as pneumonia, secretions and coughing, as the report says from August 1st to August 10th the average number of patients brought in for the treatment of respiratory conditions was 120- 130 kids but from August 11h to August 20th this number increased to 280 cases.


The serious health concerns have been increasing with the reports of increasing number of fires spreading in the region. The national space institute of Brazil keeps the record of the fire breakouts and almost $77,000 big and small fires have been registered by them in the duration of one year. More than half of these took place in the area of Amazon and most of them happened in the last month.

With an increase in the respiratory problems the attention that should have been given to this issue of fires in the Amazon region has been overshadowed by the bitterness between the European countries and Brazil.

Collective efforts, on part of the other European countries and Brazil, are must to save the whole environment and stop the rainforests form burning away.

The Importance Of Amazon Forest For The World Environment

The world produces or exhales almost 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year which plays a vital role in spoiling the world environment. Only the Amazon rainforests absorb 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year which makes almost 5% of the carbon dioxide that the world emits. So, the presence of Amazon forests is a blessing for the world environment.

A representative of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre Douglas Morton said that the fire activity in the rainforests of Amazon varies a lot from time to time but this august it was quite unusual. He said this year the fires were larger in size much intense than the previous ones and persistent too. These fires broke out along sides of major roads of central Brazilian forests.

The Brazilian rainforests not only help us get rid of the carbon dioxide by sucking it, but it also acts as a huge cooling system that helps keep the planet cool.

It is not only the health concern that is making everybody anxious about distinguishing the forest fire it is wildlife that is endangered too. According to experts, there are greater numbers of wild animals and plants In Amazon than in any other part of the earth. There are more than 30,000 different species of plants in the forest. It holds with it more than 2.5 million species of insects, it contains 2,500 different species of fish and more than 1 thousand 5 hundred species of birds reside in the forest. It is a shelter for 500 kinds of mammals and 550 types of reptiles. Not only this, there are 400-500 ethnic tribes that are native to this forest. These statistics are authentic as they come from the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Worlds Reaction To Amazon Rainforest Fire

At the G7 summit recently held in France, all the G7 member nations have promised to provide assistance in putting the fire out. They have even offered a financial help of $ 20 million for the rainforests and this does not include the $12 million that Britain has promised and $11 million that Canada will be giving to save Amazon rainforests.

The new President of Brazil who took office earlier this year with a promise to boost the economy of Latin America openly talked about his doubts about the aid that the different governments were offering. He was quite a skeptic whether it was to save and protect Amazon rainforests or to exploit the resources that Brazil owns. The Brazilian President said that the French President called him a liar and owes an apology to him before he accepts the aid offered to him.

According to a professor of the Rutgers University, the fires break out mostly at the time of drought but this time the fires have appeared without drought.

Not only some members of the international community but a community of locals want to get rid of the new president and that is why they are trying to blame him for mishandling of the crisis of Amazon fires.

One of the hospital’s laboratories technician said that the people are trying to overthrow their president. She said she did not understand any connection between the environmental policies of the new president and the number of people getting treated for a respiratory issue.

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