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Asteroid To Attack Earth Soon


Asteroids are some small or big rocks which are usually spotted near the inner solar system and revolves around the sun. Millions of them have collisions, and some get destroyed, and some enter the earth.

Image Credit: Exxpress

Asteroid or comet attack is hazardous for our earth as it can do the massive damage, if we look back in our past it says that one big comet attack destroyed the existence of dinosaurs.
Asteroid attacks are hazardous for our earth because they are huge and bulky in size, which can even destroy the existence of life on earth.

Asteroid attacks are not the only thing, but several comets are revolving and roaming around in the solar system.

In some recent reports, we got to know that NASA got to know that 1000 comets are coming near-earth and are only 7.5 million km away.
This distance is the 20 times of the difference from earth to the moon.

In a recent interview the chairman of space nation Asgardia, Lembit Opik said that it is 100% accurate report that one big asteroid will attack earth soon, which will be very big and can destroy several countries and that is very dangerous for human or life. ‘It’s a guarantee that asteroid will attack but not sure when will it attack.

The same statement was given by a scientist a few days back, and he even said that asteroid or comet could attack even tomorrow too, so we have to prepare yourself and be careful.
We are not here on this earth for so long, ‘it’s tough to say if we can live here for the next 100 years also.

There can also be a big collision of comets that can devastate the resistance of life here on earth.

Let’s prepare ourselves and hope for the good.