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Trump States People ‘Have No Choice But To Vote For Me’, At New Hampshire Rally


On Thursday the US president Donald Trump was addressing at Hampshire rally, N.H in which he said that Americans had no choice but to vote for him in the upcoming reelection in the year 2020.

Trump says at New Hampshire rally
Trump says at New Hampshire rally: Image Source

He clearly mentioned while talking to the fellow Americans that if he does not win the reelections scheduled in 2020 all the money invested in the stock market will go down the tubes.

On Thursday the US president clearly warned the American citizens that everything will go wasted if they do not vote for him in the upcoming reelections of 2020. He said that if he loses the election the market would crash and will have a great impact on the economic position of the world’s greatest economy called the USA.

The President claimed that he knew that the people of America loved him and will vote for him in 2020. He said that the people of America had no other choice but to vote for him. He mentioned the 401(K)’s going down the tubes in case he loses the 2020 election. Donald Trump said that it did not matter whether the people love him or hate him all they can do is to vote for him to save the economy of their country. Hours before his address to the rally the president while talking to the reporters in New Jersey on Thursday afternoon said that the growth of U.S economy may come to a halt if the people chose a democrat as their President. The U.S President repeatedly warned the people about the bad economic condition of America if he does not win the 2020 election.

US President has been talking about the Economy

The US president has been talking about the economy in the awakening of the fact that it has been in the state of a trade war with China. The American markets have been suffering a lot due to this trade war and have been experiencing a lot of declines. On Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered a decline of 800 points. It is the worst decline in 2019. This decline was seen after the yield of treasury bonds of ten years fell below the yield of two years bonds, it works as an economic marker to frequently predict the future recessions.

On Thursday President Donald Trump blamed the news media for trying to damage the economy of the country in order to harm his chances of winning the reelections in 2020. Talking about the role of the press in harming the economy of America he tweeted that the press is not aware that the economy of America is much stronger than they think and in near future, America is going to emerge as the best economy of the world and everybody including the trade rival China knows it.

During the trade war between America and China at its peak and the American economy fluctuating constantly, President Donald Trump planned a visit to the battleground state of Manchester N.H. He went there to defend his economic policies and convince the people to vote for him in the reelection scheduled to be held in 2020. The President told the people that no matter if they loved him or hated him the only option that they have is to vote for him to provide economic stability to their country and eventually to themselves.

Economic Policies of the Trump Government

The Economic Policies of the Trump government have faced a lot of criticism right from day one. They have had a negative impact on a number of businesses and have left many investors dissatisfied. In such condition the intentions of the President of prolonging his rein and the decade-long economic expansion by winning the presidential reelection of 2020 and enjoying his second term as the President of the United States of America.

Mr. President told the people that they had the best unemployment, and their state was in the best economic condition in the history of their state as well as the history of America. The president even ridiculed the people for even thinking of voting for someone else and especially the Democrats as according to him the American economy would get destroyed if he loses the presidential elections.

The US President Donald Trump ridiculed the Democratic presidential candidate senator Ms. Warren by insulting her on the basis of her race. Trump admitted that many people actually hate him for his racism and his negative economic policies but he told them to put their hatred aside and vote him for their own economic betterment.

This time Donald Trump is using the economy of the country as an excuse for the Americans to elect him as the president of the USA for the second term. The bad economic policies have political consequences too and they could be seen in the form of growing unrest and turmoil in the country. Donald Trump in private does get worried about the declining economy as he knows his position as a president is directly linked with it, but in public, he blames his opponents of making a mountain out of a molehill.

American Stock Market

On Wednesday the American Stock market experienced a 3 percent decline while there were indications that the world economy could slow down a bit before the shares take an upward trend on Thursday. Trump vented out his anger at those who have been asking questions about the trade war with China, and the conservative editorial page of The Wall Street Journal was no exception.

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