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Baby Magical Joy Video, Universal Dose We All Miss


Adorable baby makes us forget all the worries and sorrows in a few moments.

In this viral video, mom and her daughter baby are sitting at a table having a simple chat about the dinner. The language in which both mom and Angelina her daughter were talking in Spanish with Argentinian accent and Angelina respond in the same language as baby speaks.

In the video, Angelina is looking around a 1-year baby as physical appearance. But her way of talking and then when she argues with her mom about which food she will eat and which will not eat it make her seem so older than it looks, and her reactions are too freaking adorable.

You Don’t Even Have To Learn Single Word Of Spanish To Enjoy This Video

This video gets viral on the internet as almost 9 million people on Facebook have watched this video till now and even I have watched more than 6 to 7 time, it gives joy every time I watch this video. The best part in this video is when Angelina notices the camera from then her hand to her tilting her head and smile on her face gets doubled.

Even I don’t know a single word of Spanish but it also does not matter at all as Baby Angelina awesomeness is universal. In fact, It almost makes me want to have another video.

Angelina’s mom talk her like her daughter Angelina is understanding the whole talk and she also responds in kind, it is also the best part in the video and Angelina also understand the whole talk and even react in kind but as she doesn’t have the verbal ability to speak clearly and converse in full sentences. But her body language and intonation are spot on, which makes for a hilarious “conversation.”