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Bentley Continental GT (2019) Review


Bentley Continental GT Overview

Bentley Continental GT (2019) Review
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Bentley’s schedule has a key point to be called by BC: Before Continental. The first Conti GT–for deals but for the whole brand a layout and tone-was so fundamental that without much of an extension you could argue that Bentley Continental GT would not be for the two-way car Bentley. In the last 13 years, 66,000 were sold. It’s a huge quantity. The best vehicle for extravagance today? Probably so.

Moreover, there is currently another. It has to sell well, and the convergence of the whole brand should, in any case, be to embody what a Bentley is so that we do not accept the fact that an SUV with a question of self-perception is a matter. The new Bentley Continental GT is a very attractive thing, anyway in its profile, when the front rollers are moved 135 mm forward to improve weight dispersion and drop the engine down and down into the body.

The body alone is 80 kg lighter, helping the new Bentley Continental GT to “just” weigh 2,244 kg. 55% of weight remains on the front wheels but it is less than it used to be. But Bentley has not made any mystery of how the pulverized steadiness and power that describes how its vehicles drive is actually conveyed through the substantial kerbweight. In addition to other things, incredible 48v Bentayga power supplies are also used to handle the suspension, drives on both sides of the body roll, an enemy to the moving bars. At present, the set 40:60 power division is totally important; 100% of the time is actually transported to the rear wheels as often as is possible to benefit environmental efficiency and drains.


A combination of 23.2mpg and 278g/km CO2 emissions are not unreasonably celebrated. The W12 engine continues, although it was modified to be the’ most developed 12 chamber engine on the planet,’ as Bentley announced. The room will be shut under light stacks while 626 bhp and a 664lb301.2 kg ft torque from a mere 1350rpm keep up to 4500 rpm will be delivered. The 0-62 mph takes 3.7 seconds and top speed (usually with a dangerous 0.29Cd drag factor) of 207 mph when fueling every four-wheel through the eight-speed gearbox and including the shipment controller frame.

Standard includes full matrix LED lights, 12.3 in focal touchscreen, wireless connection, a head-up display, night vision, a 650w stereo, and 21-inch wheels. The value of the Aston Martin S63 Coupe and Ferrari Portofino starts at £ 159,100, putting it into the direct challenge. There will certainly be various variants accessible in time–a twin-turbo V8, a half-and – a-half convertible, etc. very likely. In all events, this first form is important. A vehicle which carries on its large shoulders the weight of Bentley’s wishes.


The more athletic-looking new Bentley Continental GT also drives sports more and more in the case of capacities following structures. This vehicle was built by the 48v electrics. The framework is worthy of note when monitoring Bentayga behemoth, but it gives a dynamism it did not previously have to support Conti.

The old Continental used to throw and fight to keep its mass under control. It doesn’t currently. In fact, it is uncanny how it runs all around. Open your hood and you will see that the engine is still far ahead, still mainly in front of the front hub, but hold the front end of the hood, the absence of the role and the reality of the race, well, that’s all-new. The nose is perceptibly less important, and the front hub locating the electrics did not help uncertainty. It will really transmit and maintain speed across nations, and that is very welcome.

Body control is also welcome. Keeping two and a fourth of the car in large numbers under narrow constraints is not an easy task, but the new GT is now moving well past the point that high standards crash into materials science that can withstand mystery.

Try not to get me wrong. It has still been a heavy-duty, although with their 3-chamber air suspension spring/damper, the ligaments, and tendons on the double-wishbone front and the multi-interface back are better prepared to control the major part. You can affect things too–a rotating controller on the tranquilizer switches between Comfort, Sport and Custom modes. In the initial two up to three-eight percent intensity, the front wheels can be coordinated, which drops to 17 percent in sport. The ride consolidates and the drive and the drive radiate your mind.


Most of the requirements are capable of covering the Bentley mode. It’s extremely fast. Excellent. All this torque ends up on the road with suddenness and animosity newly discovered. That was intended. Customers needed to pack their vehicles more, so that the huge flood was over, replaced by a speed to which some are acclimatized. In addition, the container is changing differently.

A touch of wind turbulence is not present except when it comes to engine adjustment, with 22-inch wheels (furnished in the front with 275/35 and 315/30 tires), which were fitted back on the vehicle and were clearly loud on certain surfaces. In short, the Conti GT has proven to be increasingly energetic, thus losing a portion of its steamroller capacity to separate pounds.

Don’t try to understand me, although it will devastate kilometers, which is undoubtedly superior to an Aston DB11, it never has a heavy float equivalent. You are aware of what it’s doing more and more. Perhaps this should be thankful-it’s obvious to buyers and I will definitely not criticize the brakes that will ultimately convey the stopping force proportional to their enormous 420/380 mm f/r plate size. Sufficient to maintain a 626bhp W12 hit. This engine still sounds great, each bass blowing in a faraway engine room. A gearbox is hardly needed. Simply snare fifth and let the double barrel blowers and 12 cylinders continue.

Bentley Continental GT Interior

It’s deeply perfect here. I speculate that the Bentley lodge is similar to the Panamera and A8, but this is in its own class of extravagance, physics, and feeling. The main part which somewhat meshes is the virtual dash cockpit, which doesn’t work in different audits as naturally and alluringly. Moreover, the gear lever has an irritating relaxation, so it does not go from D to R.

Moreover, the combination of the laid back A column and the stout entrance mirror–guarantee that this is the last–makes a big step vulnerable, whereas the view of the back is much smaller than you would expect, given the length of the bit of back glass.

In every case, as somewhere to lie down and like the world and your place there (monetarily raised), it’s beat. More hi-tech and driver-oriented than Rolls Wraith, which is more open and preferred complemented over a DB11, clear and usually consistent to use and fantastic with the control load so you know that something works with the right condition.

The wood and calfskin are excellent, the guide wheel has no base gibberish of the same level, and there is no accessibility (airplay, etc.) at the top. It isn’t huge behind you, but you would be willing to do so in a golf-packing 358 liter boat to get four people away an hour or two from the finishing area.

Dropping each of the four windows gives the lodge an amazing new space if you just overflow. Although there is a hint of wind clamor at motorway speeds from the A-columns, you can distract yourself by switching the (honestly discretionary) rotating display which, like the Bonds DB5 counterpart, spinning between three separate plates.

Bentley Continental GT Price

It’s a lot of cash, 159,100 £. In addition, it is putting the levels of the Conti GT, the Aston DB11, and the Ferrari Portofino, to a total of £ 157,900 V12. The top is prepared by default on the technology side, but it’s before you jump onto the cowhide, wood, and chrome.

The vehicle that you see here had a paint of £ 4,500, two-ton warm wheel, a precious stone knurling at the winds, control of the vent, and a bezel clock, and the First Edition in particular. In addition to images on dashboards, door panels and wings, this brings all from arrangement lighting and sewing complexity to the rotating display and thicker coverings, effectively stifled on installations-£ 35,000.

You and I have been shrugging away. Those persons who have the cost of a Conti GT probably won’t be 18mpg, but the reality is that they have to stop every 300 miles483 km. In addition, CO2 is 278g / km? Duty is somewhat stressful for my bookkeeper, is it not?

Final Verdict

Bentley has given customers what they wanted: a gradually sporty Continental GT, wearing, fast and fit. I’m happy for them. The landowners clearly care about the most-execution and care is superior to the former one night and day. The 48v electrics, longer wheelbase, and air suspension have brought freshness to the elements and have made it possible for the vehicle to adjust to the huge increase on the line.

In all events, it has also lost a little of what the Conti has always been fantastic about visiting. Cars, floods, and cossets are decreasing marginally, they have lost a bit of their firm uniqueness. However, it’s a little, it’s all about a matter of adaptation. Solace and relaxation may have dropped 5%, but dynamism is up 50%. In addition, the Bentley Continental GT is particularly capable and conducive.

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