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BH90210 is weird but interesting


The reviews are not coming suitable for BH90210. The audience is feeling wired and devastated with reality. The story is reality-based, and everyone on the show is behaving cleverly. Jennie Garth is about facing divorce with her husband, whereas Tori is facing financial problems.


Gabrielle Carteris is still acting as the president of the union of the actors. Austin Green still thinks that she is famous. No one wants to talk with Shannen Doherty. Now, everything has got so messy that it is getting hard to believe in what is real and what is fictional? What is the actual plot of the story? What type of picture should we make in our minds? Too much confusion! Where there is confusion, there is suspense. While the characters were confusing everyone with their stories, they also left a right image.


The show was all over a fun ride for the audience; the audience was bound to figure out the things that were happening in the show. In the starting of the episode, no one has seen each other for a while, and everyone is busy solving their daily life problems. Jennie and Tori are traveling to Vegas in a plane.

They are going for a convention in Vegas and are going to see their ex-boyfriends and those people they shared screens. Tori is worried about his financial condition and his show cancellation of his show, and Jennie is concerned about her divorce case. They sat together in the convention, and their job was to answer the questions related to their real-lives part from the inquiries related to their show.

While they were traveling back on the private jet, Ian comes to know that his wife is cheating on him, Tori is wearing a stolen dress, Jason slept with Jennie and lashed out later. Things got very messy, and everybody started fighting and making fun of each other.