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Blizzard Entertainment Reveals Overwatch Season 4 Game Release Date, Time


Are you a game lover? Do you love spending entire day with your play station rather than going out with friends? Have you been playing Overwatch on your play stations? So this news comes as a surprise to you. Overwatch season 4 is all set to launch and create a new hype on the gaming platform.

Overwatch Season 4 Game Release Date

Overwatch is a shooter video game which was launched in 2016. The game has been developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is most suitable to be run on Xbox one, play stations or windows. The best part of the game is the competitive environment and the competing platform that it offers to all its players. Therefore the players develop keen interest in the game and are soon addicted to it. They get a justified platform to showcase their skills and talents.


According to the sources, Blizzard has already announced the release of Overwatch Season 4. The new launch would be made available on all the supported platforms.

The game has already been launched in U.S on 28TH February but the same would be launched in U.K on March 1. The gap in the launch between the two countries is typically because of the different time zones.

The new season comes with no new amendments. The only difference that would be seen in the new season is that players’ skill ratings would remain unchanged. However, if we consider the rumors, they say that a brand new hero would be introduced in the upcoming season.

Moreover, the teasers and the promos for the new game season launch have already been released says Blizzard. A recent report from Trusted Reviews states that the two heroes that would be seen in the upcoming season would be Doomfist and EFI Oladele. Let’s see what there in for all of us.