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Bluetooth Speaker Creative Muvo 2 Review Best for the Bass-Heavy Music


Bluetooth speakers are built to satisfy varying use according to the needs. That’s why they came in various shapes and sizes. We are looking for an impressive speaker, but then everyone doesn’t want to have a 1 kg speaker showing off the size of a novel, say if you are carrying a pocket size speaker off if you are heading out for a long trek or getting on to a beach for a get-together. As I mentioned, most speakers care made for the compiled in a particular use case.

A new tech for the Bluetooth speaker has been developed known as Creative Muvo 2 which isn’t made for a specific purpose.  Its shape, size, and sound, means you can keep it at home for some mellow music in evenings or snap it when you are leaving for traveling.  It is somewhat similar to the JBL Flip 2 or the Logitech X300 – which is not too big for the personal listening and not too small for the group sessions. It is an all-rounder, and that is its greatest strength as well as probably the weak point. Its driver placement and design do make the Muvo 2 preferable for personal audio. Does it count among the best in the category, as it starting price costs about Rs.8,438.


The Muvo 2 has excellent bass to its sound and the dull thump you experience in songs. Three drivers are housed to pump out the kind of music, and all three are placed in front to push the sound directly to the listener in front.

The is the point where the company doesn’t focus much, on the portable speaker of this size. For more subtle overall output Different drivers for various types of sound known to be appointed whereas the Muvo 2 does that for the slightly extra punch of bass that sets it apart from the other speakers that either sound good but weak and maybe gets distorted at high volume.