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BMW i8 Roadster 2019 Review | Features, Design and More


BMW i8 Overview

BMW i8 Roadster 2019 Review | Features, Design and More
BMW i8 Roadster 2019 Review | Features, Design and More: Image Source

One of the latest models of BMW is the new edition in its 8 series known as BMW i8. According to most of the critics of automobiles, the new i8 series might not meet the expectations of the fans of BMW as a brand. The i8 that is known to be a powertrain of the plug-in hybrid system might not get a positive response as the company might be expecting. With just a small all-electric range of only 18 miles and only 369 horsepower, the i8 can’t compete with a number of other cars on the market. In fact, other brands have come up with more fuel-efficient and less pricy cars that are smooth to drive and fun to experience.

According to a number of critics, the new i8 looks remarkably profound. It is designed to minimize the drag and its looks are good to see for the eyes of the onlookers as well as the driver. For all those who value exclusivity more than anything else in a car, it does not matter as the design of the BMW i8 is really exclusive.

BMW I8 Roadster 2019 Review

Earlier the design of BMW i8 that hit the market was the BMW i8 coupe that was designed a bit differently and had two rear seats too. According to the claims of the company it has made the change in seats to give more space in the boot. But the good news about BMW i8 for the year 2019 is its seats as there are only two seats in this model it has a soft folding top so that you could feel the breeze of fresh air in your hair. This model of the BMW i8 is called roadster. The feature of the car that has been attracting a lot of people towards it is the convertible top.

BMW I8 Review About The Inner Of The Roadster

As soon as the driver enters the car he starts feeling the interior familiar as the iDrive infotainment system still operates by the click wheel and features a very which is familiar to most of the drivers of BMW. The instrument cluster which is also screen-based changes its appearance with every change in drive mode. The welcome head-up display is common in most of the new models of BMW. Most of the interior is made of off-the-shelf BMW parts but it has got a beautiful leather finish. In BMW roadster the back seats are compromised and an in-cabin storage place is provided right behind the front seats. The rear trunk of the car is quite spacious and measure 5 cubic feet and a smaller trunk is located in the front that is used for the storage of charging wires.

Design Of I8 Roadster

There are a number of automobile critics who find the butterfly doors of the BMW i8 roadster a challenge to enter and exit the vehicle. The car is very low compared to a number of other sports cars. For some of the people, it is good for driving within the city.

Transmission, Engine, And Performance

As far as eth driving experience that the driver gets while driving the BMW i8 is very exciting, the car feels smooth and quick and has a unique feature of the plug-in powertrain. In i8 roadster, the company has provided with a single powertrain. It accompanies a turbocharged three-liter gas engine with 1.5 liters of capacity, it has two electric motors and an 11.6 kWh battery pack. The car is a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

One thing is bothering most of the critics of BMW and it is its engine power, using three fuel sources it has the total power of 369 horsepower which does not suit the high price of the vehicle. Even after having so many new features the BMW i8 roadster is not the best sports car on the market. When it is about the speed test the roadster is not the fastest sports car on the market as the road star was tested from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds. There is one more drawback to the BMW cars including eth i8 roadster and that is the light steering wheel.

According to experts, a sports car has to have a bit heavier steering wheel for better control, but there is not much feedback about it so the company has not made any changes to it yet. According to the regular drivers of BMW, the road bumps are felt while driving it but they are not harsh enough to make you feel tired.

The Appearance Of The Car

The structure and style of the car make it exclusive and it stands out among the rest of the sports cars made by different companies. It is a low car that suits the roads that are not bumpy. The three-layered top of the car is weather resistant that makes the driving experience a pleasant one.

The Price Of The Car

The thing that has been noticed as the most un-welcoming about the BMW i8 is its price. According to most of the critics who have been doing the BMW i8 reviews the company is charging too much for too little change as compared to the BMW i8 coupe as the price difference between the previous model called coupe and the latest roadster is that of $16,000 that makes the price near $ 200,000.

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