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Bose’s new Sleepbuds goes out of stock before 24 days of sale duration

Bose launched Sleep buds and succeeded with 24 days of out of stock for the same.


Many of you might be a victim of sleepless nights and that can be due to your partner’s snoring at night, dogs barking in the neighborhood and can also be the road traffic sound. Bose has come up with the solution of this all. Bose has now introduced Sleepbuds with which you can gain a healthy sleep proper rest at night.

Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

The eat buds are easy to fit inside the ears and are much comfortable to sleep with. The buds are much capable of making you asleep. The Bose Sleepbuds was on sale at an unusual sale portal Indiegogo. Instead of selling the earbuds on its own website, Bose decided to sell the earbuds to the crowdfunding site’s audience to attract those wants better sleep at night.

The device was for sale period of 25 days and it turned out of stock in just a single day and for rest 24 days it is out of stock now. If you also want to make an order for Bose’s Sleepbuds then this time you’re out of your luck.

It is expected that the company may add some more units under this 24 days. The company was expecting to raise $50,000 for the campaign but it raises much beyond this i.e, $437,000.

Bose said that they are waiting for some user reviews in order to put the product on a bulk release. The company wants to take reviews from the users and want to update the product on public demand if needed. Bose has promised to make the sleepbuds available for customers from February 2018.

The Sleepbuds were initially designed by a small company named Hush which debuted with some smart earplugs to cover up ambient sounds. Hush was taken over by Bose and the technology is now presented by Bose under their banner. Some more units may come in the listing at Indiegogo.


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