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BSNL Offers 1GB Internet At Rs. 36


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in short BSNL, one of the world’s largest Telecommunications company being maintained by the government of India. BSNL most popular telecommunications company in India, and has most of the users from India. There are several telecommunications companies available in India, and most of the Indians prefer using private networks instead of using government network BSNL because of their user-friendly offers and pricing. Most of the mobile phone users in India are stuck with private networks, and most of the land phone users in India stuck with BSNL.

BSNL Offers 1GB Internet At Rs. 36

In a recent announcement, BSNL board director for consumer mobility, R.K. Mittal, said BSNL continues to dominate the broadband market in fixed-line services segment, with 9.95 million customers and ranks fifth in mobile broadband space with 20.39 million subscribers. However, mobile customers are not in good numbers. He wants to increase the mobile customers, especially smartphone customers.

BSNL Offers 1GB Internet At Rs. 36

In order to gain a number of users from Mobile, Since a couple of years BSNL company providing a lot of offers. Earlier BSNL made a lot of offers to impress the customers, but most of them didn’t work. There are some exciting offers made by BSNL, among all the available offers, the latest offer may work out well. In a recent Tweet, BSNL company announced that they are reducing their Data charges by four times and providing, huge mobile data at a lower price.

Earlier we have to pay 291 Rs to get 2GB data for four weeks that is 28 days. But now, in the same price users will get 8GB of data. Which means you will get huge data at regular prices. Due to Jio Welcome offer, and Due to Jio New Year offer, most of the private telecoms in India reduced the prices of their data packs. Idea, Airtel and few others providing 1GB of data at Rs. 50 approximately for 28 days. However, Jio New Year continues until 31st March 2017.

Now BSNL trying its best to get a good number of customers by reducing data charges. Now you can get 1GB Of data at just Rs. 36 by BSNL. BSNL New offer will be live from 6th February itself. Let’s see whether BSNL succeed in getting a decent number of mobile customers with this data offers or not!