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Buying SolarCity Was A Mistake.?


Tesla is facing the most dangerous adversary nowadays; this can be proof that buying SolarCity was a colossal mistake.

Minimum of 7 cases reported that buying of SolarCity resulted in fire & that led to the closing of stores and loss of millions.
Tesla is now in lights with what is most likely yo be the most dangerous in the history of Walmart.

Image Credit: Businessinsider

According to some reports, not less than 7 Walmarts caught fire, and they owned tesla solar roofs, and it resulted in the loss of millions. One of the Wallmart in Beavercreek was closed for eight days because the shop caught fire from a spark in Tesla’s solar panels.

Wallmart owners say that Tesla has no explanation that how all this is happening, Tesla has no particular design of the solar panels, and Tesla doesn’t have trained executives who know Solar panels, Wallmart employees had to show the cracks in Soar panels and the temperature issue which solar panels were facing.

Just before the time when Musk announced that he would be offering Goldman to buy it, Tesla was in the worst positioned in the growth in that sector, Although the company generated another %700 million in cash. But this doesn’t matter at all. Musk- who was at both side on the board with SolarCity and Tesa- got the deal done. Since that time, Solarcity has been money stuck and failed to sell its solar roofs.

In a survey, it said that more then 157 Tesla’s at Wallmart needs repair or replacements as per the complaints were registered.
According to some reports, Walmart broke more than 244 open contracts with Tesla because just Tesla doesn’t have proper executives or workers who know how to install, maintain the solar panels safely.
Tesla surely needs to take actions against this and work on it to overcome the loss.