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 Canada Put A Ban On Single-use Plastics


Canada is up to changing the rules of polluting the surroundings as Canada has joined hands with the global movement to stop the use of single-use plastics. The single used plastic is dumped or thrown into the water which later affects the life underwater. Canada has now decided to ban the single-use plastics. The ban was introduced at the picturesque Gault Nature Reserve in Mont St-Hilaire, outside of Montreal.

Image Courtesy: Vox

Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada announced that he doesn’t want his kids and other kids to play and swim in such a place where everything is polluted and harmful to the health at the same time, He doesn’t want his kids to witness the dead birds and fishes around. Trudeau said, “People have had enough of seeing their parks and beaches covered with plastic. As parents, we’re at a point when we take our kids to the beach and we have to search out a patch of sand that isn’t littered with straws, Styrofoam or bottles. That’s a problem, one that we have to do something about. The World Economic Forum conveyed the details about the study they conducted and it showed that in more than 10 major rivers of the world have the existence of the microplastic which has a tendency of causing too much harm. The plastic which is dumped in the water may take more than a hundred years to decompose totally. As per the studies, it was found the oceans and the seas have more than 50 million tons of plastic in it. The government of Canada is banning especially the plastic bags which are used and thrown in to dump. The plastic that was being dumped each year was worth 8 billion dollars which is said a lot of money to be wasted in the pollution. Before banning more plastic, Canada is going to perform scientific analysis which will clarify whether which type of plastic they should ban. Recently Europea Union banned more than 10 types of plastics which mostly ended up in the ocean.