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Canon launched its new M50 camera that serves 4k video recording


With a new image processor, new bodyline material, new RAW file format and upgraded camera lenses Canon launched its new camera. The camera is named as M50 and perfectly mimics the name of the previous year’s launch M5. The camera seems to be an upgrade over Canon’s last launch of M5 and M6. Canon M50 is the new mirrorless camera that embraces 4k video.

Canon M50 Camera

About Camera Lenses

In comparison to M5 and M6, the newly announced M50 carries a robust camera with the use of endless lenses. The Canon M50 uses a 24.1-megapixel APS-C sensor which is a hair smaller than the in 24.2-megapixel lens found in M5. The company claims that this M50 is capable of capturing more vivid and quality pictures even in low light situations. And for that, we can trust the company as the company has used a new version of Canon’s image processor, the DIGIC 8.

Canon M50 is the first camera to use DIGIC 8 and is capable of capturing 4k video at 24fps, 1080 videos at 60fps, and 720p video at 120 fps. The DIGIC 8 also allows the M50 for fast still shooting speeds, i.e., ten frames per second in RAW or JPEG with a single focus.

One of the significant change in the design is the motion capability of the screen, earlier in the M5 model the display was only capable of flip out and down but in the newly launched M50 it can be opened in the side and can also be filled upto around 180 degrees.

Prices & Availability

The company announced the camera today and mentioned that the camera would be available in offline and online markets form April 2018. Till then the company will be pumping the production. The camera will be priced at $779. While the previous model M5 is still priced at around $850. The upgraded and more featured camera will cost less than the previous one this sounds amazing.