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CEO Kevin Bruner & Co-founder Dan Connors Leaves Telltale Games After Two Years


According to a leaked email from Telltale Games’ internal mail-list, CEO Kevin Bruner is resigning his position within the company. Bruner cites the rapid growth of Telltale over recent years as the reason for stepping down, with the hope of a new CEO coming on to help “realize all the potential that is here.” For the time being, Bruner will remain on Telltale’s Board of Directors while co-founder Dan Connors inherits the CEO position’s responsibilities for the interim.

Kevin Bruner & Dan Connors Leaves Telltale Games After Two Years

“Kevin has led Telltale over the past couple of years after he stepped into the CEO role for cofounder Dan Connors in 2015,” Stauffer explained. “With Kevin departing, Telltale is fortunate to have Dan here to step back seamlessly into the CEO role.”

CEO Kevin Bruner & Co-founder Dan Connors Leaves Telltale Games After Two Years

Telltale has spent the last couple of years under Bruner’s control growing its presence in the story-driven adventure game sector. After launching its breakout hit The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series in 2012, which won our Game of the Year award, the studio began applying a similar structure to more Hollywood properties. Those include HBO’s Game of Thrones and Batman, and it also did this for an establish video game franchise: Gearbox’s Boderlands cooperative shooter. Each of these launched as a five-episode season where the individual parts debut on a near-monthly schedule. The gameplay then has players guiding their characters through conversations where the events can change drastically depending on the choices.

This spring, Telltale will launch Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Games Series based on the megapopular Marvel comics and films. The company is also planning to debut the second season of its Game of Thrones series. But whether the company will try to amp up this business model under Connors or whether it will attempt something radically different is something we’ll have to keep an eye on.

This is definitely a comforting statement to hear. From the looks of it, the transition from one CEO to the next is going to be pretty smooth sailing, so while Bruner bowing out is a little shocking, it’s comforting to know that Telltale will continue to churn out great content for gamers.

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