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Check! BMW i8: An Intelligent Sustainability And Visionary Mobility Car


The concept of sustainable mobility is an inclusive feature in the new BMW i8. It signifies mobility services and visionary electric vehicles. Its designing is inspiring and it has the new understanding of premium intelligent sustainability.

The BMW i8 is an innovatively designed emission free sports car. The ‘I’ here indicates the innovation and incubator function. Electromobility is being focused by the incubator function. The entire life cycle of the BMW series is being well designed in the BMW i8 with the principle of sustainability and conservation resources, as noted by the ‘auto car’.

BMW i8 Car

Visionary Mobility: BMW Connected Drive

The BMW connects with driver Assistance app and is packed with digital services from the BMW connected drive. It focuses on the choice of the car owner and supports the embedded car owner’s daily routine.

BMW i8
BMW i8

BMW eDrive

The BMW eDrive is designed to harmonize vibrant city life in every detail and characteristic. It is the intelligent and dynamic way to boast impressive purely electrical mode. According to Caranddriver.com, it provides a synchronous electric motor and enormous torque that sustains mobility and agility from acceleration to maximum speed.

A fully emission-free electric motor is powering up the BMW i8, clever energy management and lithium-ion high-performance battery. Air breather has been installed that channels the air on the front wheels. The turbulence got reduced on the wheel housings which breaks down the air swirls. Thus results in the less fuel consumption and CO2 gets reduced.

BMW Efficient Dynamics: Less Fuel Consumption

The BMW i8 provides an excellent driving pleasure and runs with fewer emissions. This strategy results in minimizing the fuel consumption and ‘carbon dioxide emissions’. It manages the energy, aerodynamics and engine efficiency by increasing the dynamics of the drive system. However, the consumption of fuel and power depends upon the tire and while sizes selected.

BMW ActiveE

The BMW i8 is stacked up with BMW active, which describes the innovative concept of electric driving. It is typically an electrical scale based car that provides the driving pleasure of 170 horsepower. The average energy consumption of 0.12 kWh/km describes the electrical driving force in the future which is needed to be recharged after 160 km approximately. An impressive acceleration up to 250 Nm of torque is boosting the BMW i8.