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Check! Jurassic World 2 Movie Release Date |Story |New Star Cast James Cromwell


Life will find its way anyhow’ was the best lesson learned from Colin Trevorrow’s JURRASIC WORLD which was the biggest blockbuster of its time.  One of the goofiest movies of the era was a one good money-making movie earning $1.6 billion worldwide.

Jurassic World 2 Movie Details

Much to our astonishment Trevorrow is all set break previous records and launch a sequel to the movie by 22 June, 2018. However, UK would enjoy the screening of the movie over multiplexes two weeks prior to the release date. The cast for the movie has already been decided and T. Rex. And Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are among the ones who have been signed for the movie. One of the most renowned actor with super hit blockbusters such as Babe, L.A. Confidential, The Green Mile, and The Artist ; James Cromwell will soon be cast for the sequel. Sadly, Jake Johnson’s Lowery Cruthers has no plans as yet of returning to the sequel. Meanwhile, Toby Jones and Daniella Pineda are also in talks and will hopefully be seen in the movie playing some role.

Colin Trevorrow has no plans to direct the sequel and hence will stick to being a screenwriter and an executive producer. He confirms that he wishes Bayona to direct the sequel. According to him Bayona’s skill sets would flash more practicality to the movie.

Trevorrow is engrossed with directing the ninth episode of Star Wars at present and simultaneously working upon the script of the sequel along with Derek Connolly. It won’t be merely a bunch of dinosaurs chasing humans on an island leaving them helpless. The script to the sequel will be full of new twists and turns. It would be more on applications of sciences rather than restricting it to theme parks. It would consider the fact of bringing back these animals to life. It would talk about harmonizing the relationship between man and animals. The evolution of the world and the animals would be seen through Claire’s eyes. She would be the witness to all the major happenings around the world during the evolution. The movie would be an addition to the prior part rather than being its predecessor. It would be an interesting saga looking for a connection between the two parts.

The sequel however would be high on budget as the dinosaur effects demand more investment. The budget is estimated to be $260 million and no wonders if it increases while the movie-making is in progress.