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Check Out! Best Science Fiction Movies On Amazon Prime


Amazon prime’s collection of movies specially of science fiction highlights the melange of thoughts, fashion and sentiment that drives the genre.

The collection of 15 captivating sci-fi movies are briefed below in the list which will drive you through the exhilarating journey of new lavish world.

Best Science Fiction Movies On Amazon Prime

Best Science Fiction Movies On Amazon Prime

(1) Interstellar

Finding Earth-like planet for future generation with excellent visual effects and analogy to reality takes us on ride through wormholes; though it is not pure scientifically sound but  realities of life and kingpin on einstein’s theory of relativity make it fascinating movie.

(2) Terminator: Genisys

Profuse entertainment can be found from sequel and Emilia Clarke who is mother of dragons stars as Sarah Conner in this series.The entry of Genisys series is truculent among sci-fi entries and it’s must watch movie.

(3) Ex Machina

It is likely to be the best sci-fi movie of the decade as it is pitch-perfect one and it throws light on three main characters by using sentient technology as tool to fight for ethical questions. First effort of Alex Garland as director is astute.

(4) Deep Impact

It is ” quieter ” than the Armageddon which came in same year. It depicts a trailing and magnificent cast and it is as similar to find way for survival of human but it highlights wider look for the same.

(5) The Truman Show

It is artful sci-fi movie as there is no robot with a simple story of normal guy. Jim Carrey starrer movie is hilarious and entertaining. It also prove Ed Harris, a director for life if one get chance to make that happen.

(6) Event Horizon

The tagline of movie itself suggest the apt description. The characters of the film have to recover the lost space vessel and it is shown in 2047 with horror spectacle from Paul W.S. Anderson.

(7) The Invasion

It is based on novel The Body Snatchers and completely watchable for those who are in requirement of some sci-fi terror. Nicole Kidman stars the movie as Dr. Carol.

(8) The Running Man

The Running Man starrer Arnold Schwarzenegger had a majestic run of sci-fi films and he stars as Ben Richards, a former helicopter pilot changed unwilling contestant on The Running Man. It is technicolor action film.

(9) The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 1

The concept of this movie is quiet heavy for adolescent book. The things begin as like The Running Man. Although it is disappointing to watch 1st part without ending and if you watch it then for sure you would find part 2 as well.

(10) Gremlins

Virtually it best suits in any cast and it’s the mixture of horror and comedy. It is significantly the story of monsters and you may watch for getting lessons on how to care for mogwais.

(11) Stardust

It is artful with detailed descriptions adapted from a novel. It’s rarest of procreates sci-fi epic and profitable financially starring Charlie Cox.

(12) Cloverfield

With Star Wars J.J Abrams revived the most crucial film franchise and has innovative points he could want. It is also counted best among sci-fi movies.

(13) Swiss Army Man

Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter actor casted as a farting corpse and still it come to be known as the Daniel Radcliffe farting corpse film. It is gorgeous and weird like good sci-fi should be.

(14) The Gift

Sci-fi and horror master Sam Raimi directed excellent science epic and highlights Cate as a woman solving the disappearance of young girl.

(15) The Lobster

Lavish ability to direct other genres truely depicted by this genre. Without sci-fi image this couldn’t be valid emotionally.It’s a science fiction idea that suits the real human feelings.

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