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Check Out! Funny Cute Comic Review Of Steven Universe


Steven Universe #1 is the first issue of the new ongoing comic series set in the world of steven Universe written by Melanie Gillman (as the crow flies) and is illustrated by Katy Farina (the amazing world of Gumball) with the coloring partner as Whitney Cogar.

The book is published by KaBOOM! That’s an imprint of BOOM! Studios. The issue looks to be set around the same era as the current episodes, with Peridot and Lapis settled into the routine of being roommates.

Steven Universe Comic Review

Farina stated in an interview of Newsarama that fans can expect ‘a self-contained book in the life of steven and his friends’ from each issue. ‘each issue will feel like a watchable episode, as the stories are all very dense in the same way, that the cartoon is’. Gillman to be the part of the interview said ‘we are approaching the comic book series as little side stories about all characters in the show. They will not be any drastic turns or huge plot changes. All big stuff gets it’s picture from the show itself’.


As for what we can expect. Farina stated ‘I am going to make it queer as possible’.

There is a lot of adorableness in the steven series, including laps watching the bird in its makeshift basket nest outside so that Steven can sleep.

If the rest of the Steven Universe retains the show style in this ongoing series and going to keep the same humor and affection for its own characters then this will definitely going to be the one series that any Steven Universe fan should step in the comic shop to enjoy having it.  one thing is for sure here that these sweet asides will help sate an appetite for more Steven Universe content when the episode well runs dry and the hiatuses start up again.

The comic is a full-color comic worth $3.99 and will comes out monthly. Are you going to pick it up from your local comic shop.