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Check Out! Google Pixel 2 Smartphone Rumored Specs Features Price Release Date


According to the reports, Google is said to be working on its new flagship smart phone which is known to be called Google Pixel 2. The main focus of the upcoming device is the quality of its camera as like it focuses always on its previous versions. More specifically, working to handle on the Low light photography.

Google Pixel 2 Phone Specs Features

To challenge the other smart phones, Google Pixel roll out last year with amazing features such as the Apple’s iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7. It was known to be the first Smart Phone designed ‘inside and out’ by the growing up monolithic Google. Despite projecting the features like a boosting Camera and a Google assistant, Google just planning out to make 2017 sequel look, quite interesting for the fans.

The rolling up Google Pixel 2 is expected to get along with 5-inch screen and might get upgraded to the 2560 by 1440 QHD resolution boasted by the Pixel  XL. Enhancing the quality of the battery is one of the anticipated activity by Google for the next gen Pixel 2 Smart Phone so that, it can enhance the battery performance and results in less battery drainage. The up gradation from 4 GB RAM to 6 GB RAM and the memory boost are some of the key features of Google Pixel 2.

 Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 Price & Release Date

As reported by the Tech Times, the camera capabilities of the rolling out Google Pixel 2 would also going to have some improvements and it may come up with the dual-camera setup route like iPhone 7 Plus. There are many improved up gradations in the Google XL 2 in comparison to the  Google Pixel, it is going to have a higher price. Google set the Pixel 2 with the starting price of £599 or $750 for the regular model and £719 or $900 for the larger XL version of Google XL.

Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2  is rumored to be release in somewhere in October.