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Check Out! Star Wars 8 Episode VIII ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer Video Plot Spoilers Updates


The star wars series showcases the adventures of various characters in a fictional universe. The series has been doing quite well over the years now.  The new episode of the movie would be an action scene with Snoke where Snoke would be seen performing physical stunts. Snoke was introduced to the viewers in episode seven but was confined to his own self. In episode 8 he would entirely be transformed and the viewers would get to see his actual physical self.

Star Wars Episode 8 ‘The Last Jedi’ Spoilers

According to the recent leaks about the episode a Snoke suit which had earlier been built in the Pinewood Studios would be used during the shoot of all the intense and action scenes. The crew has used this suit as a prop to the supreme leader.

Check Out! Star Wars 8 Episode VIII 'The Last Jedi' Trailer Video Plot Spoilers Updates

It is believed that Snoke would be seen involved into a fight in the upcoming movie. However, the sources also say that the fight between Snoke and Jedi Master would be broadcast in form of a flashback in the upcoming episode. We still have that curiosity to know what will happen.

John Boyega was pretty active on social media these days. He has informed his fans about the scenes that have already been shot by him for the movie. He intends his fans to know that he would revive his role as Finn in the movie. Moreover, Boyega posted a picture of him on intsagram with a caption “A gift from @riancjohnson expressing my frustration with the most complex Star Wars lingo. You’ll find out later” which clearly depicts his take on the scenes he has already shot. He seems quite disappointed rather frustrated with some of them though.

Rian C.Johnson has directed the episode 8 of Star Wars. It would be fun to watch what is in store for the fans.

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