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Check Out! Suits Season 6 Episode 16 Series Finale Details Spoilers Preview


Finally, Mike Ross with planned steps. After making it up for the six months and having the digression at the prison stint and at the investment banking, Gina Torres being a slight rescue to the Mike (Patrick J. Adams) make the situation to cross the line on Wednesday’s season 6 Finale of Suits. That too without being well known at the law school.

Suits Season 6 Series Finale

A curious atmosphere in the surroundings have been created for the season 7 which can make you suffer in the curiosity of thinking that ‘what’s going to be the next step’? As per the statement recorded from the Aaron Korsh, the mid-season can irritate the audience with the gift pack of cliffhanger but the finale season is going to be completely opposite by making it to the end with planning. Some changes have been introduced the planning so that audience might get confused about what to expect from the next.

Check Out! Suits Season 6 Episode 16 Series Finale Details Spoilers Preview

Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) has taken all the credit of putting a mark on the legal career of Mike, which is now not going to happen. She is the one who still wants Harvey’s and Mike’s (Gabriel Macht) heads on the tray to be served, as she is securing a spot on the fitness community and has been planning a lot to never to vote Mike in.

The reason behind the presence of Anita in the Committee is the result of the decision taken by Walter Sampson all of the sudden to take a leave by selecting a person who could put Mike in prison as his replacement.

If we take a pole on the chances then the bar is not going be filled on the surface.

Jessica makes her entrance as a witness of Mike. She unveiled a back time story to show the fake kind heart side of Anita in which Anita showed mercy for a woman of young age who was on drugs against the law to get relieve from chronic pain. Her mercy came with the reason to help the woman to not drop out from the med school. Anita put a big charge on the small wrong doing and that woman is a successful doctor now. The big secret revelation confronts when it is unveiled that the young woman was a young man who is the Walter Sampson’s Godson. Bad n Clever Anita with evil mind.

This all is not enough to satisfy the victory in the mind of Harvey and he puts another step and bribed Mike with one year’s of advance salary to stay at the firm and so that he could donate to his work to the clinic to do more good to the world. Mike is too valid on his own thinking to quit and to ask for doubling the salary and get to the Jessica’s office as it’s the time for him to continue the league.

The show has already showed its awesomeness at its par performance with the interesting stuff consisting of suspense, drama, tension and all the fun joining it along.