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Check! ‘Outlander’ Season 3 Jamie And Claire’s New Star Casts News Spoilers


Starz’s Outlander is one of the most exciting programs on television. Outlander fans are already looking forward to the return of the time-travelling Scottish drama, .i.e., Outlander Season 3 and they will be thrilled about these latest “Outlander” Season 3 Spoilers, as Sam Hueghan and Caitriona Balfe recently revealed that the two long-time lovers will show their deep love in the upcoming Season3. However, the following leaks have also confirmed that the two lovers will be a lot older in age than they were in Season 2.

‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers

Jamie And Claire Will Be Older

Reports say that in “Outlander” Season 3, Claire will be older by 20 years from the year Season 2 ended, which is 1968. It is also being said that Claire will eventually make a choice of leaving her daughter behind in order to meet her lover, her soulmate, Jamie, whom she had left in the Craig Na Dun stones around 200 years ago.

‘Outlander' Season 3

Furthermore, not to forget that back in 1746, Jamie sent Claire forward in time through the same stones. So that, Claire and their unborn child were able to live, as speculated in the spoilers.During the time, having the possibility of his demise, Jamie entered the Culloden battleground.

The Two Lovers Reunite

The time has come when the two lovers will reunite and shoe their deep love to each other. Spoilers confirmed that the two lovers will meet again and they will be older than the age when they left each other. However, despite of their old age, the love between the two lovers doesn’t go down and there will be no stopping them from expressing their deep love for each other.  Avid fans of Jamie and Claire will be happy to know that reports have also suggested that Jamie and Claire will have intimate scenes in Season 3.