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“Checkmate” Arrow Season 5 Episode 16 Promo Video Spoilers Details


Arrow is an American television series which was first premiered in October 2012. The entire series revolve around the protagonist Oliver Queen. While on a deserted island he learns archery and masters the same. He then returns to his own city with the aim to fight all the evils and evade corruption using his skills. The series has successfully aired four seasons as of now and the fifth season is still in progress. The series is aired on CW and is amongst one of the highly rated T.V series list.

“Checkmate” Arrow Season 5 Episode 16

The television series is all set to break records. It has launched the promo of the fifth episode of the ongoing season. The episode has been titled “Checkmate” which would be aired on 15th March 2017. The episode has been written by Beth Schwartz and Sarah Tarkoff. Checkmate has been directed by Ken Shane.

Arrow Season 5 Episode 16

In the upcoming episode the storyline would take new twists and turns. Oliver would discover the truth about Prometheus. Oliver would be seen struggling with difficult situations while finding out the reality of Prometheus. Although, still he manages to deal with them. We would see Oliver shedding of his responsibility by giving up on the Green arrow towards the end of the episode.

As the sources reveal the producers have introduced such actions and incidents in the episode to generate interest among the viewers. However, actually all they wish to do is surprise their viewers as they did in the last season with the grave’s mystery. They themselves have no idea about the end they are going to telecast. All we know is the creative team members have made the fans believe that Adrian is Prometheus since the beginning of the episode.

The hidden agenda behind all such activities is to relate the same to Oliver’s mission since episode one and find out the repercussions.