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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ‘A Midwinter’s Tale’ Episode Updates


The most awaited episode of Chilling adventures of Sabrina is now up. A week before Christmas, Hilda talks to Mr Putnam and says poor child and says Pray to Satan. He says he is not the first and the kids gets snatched from the yard. Susie and Sabrina are small and they goes to the Santa to click a photo. Santa asks what you want on this Christmas. Susie says she wants a truck like her dad. Hilda becomes happy. Santa says what you want Sabrina. Sabrina says i want to see my mommy. In the home, Sabrina takes the photo.

Now the present story continues and Sabrina says this Christmas tree is looking so nice. Zelda says this is a normal tree and what is so special about this. Hilda says Zelda doesn’t believes in Christmas. Zelda says a baby in the house is just as exciting. Ambrose says i doubt that you can keep this a secret that you brought Father Blackwood’s baby here. He says Father is not having a positive attitude when it comes to the baby girl. She says what secret as we do not have any secret. This baby has come from our old country and she is also a Spellman and they sent it to raise her as we did Sabrina. Sabrina shows the photo of her mother and father and she gets upset. Sabrina says i wish that i have had one Solstice with them and wishes for them. Hilda says i remember i took this picture. Hilda says i know that what is going to cheer you up, one cup of roasted chestnuts. Hilda hug Sabrina and Ambrose says yes we are going to sing Christmas Carol.

Chilling adventures of Sabrina Christmas special was full of fun. Zelda says i like some ghosts in it. Ambrose says Christmas is the best time to hear ghost stories. Zelda says we should burn our chimneys as many evil forces are looking to hunt down us and we should keep the log lit and now the Solstice blessing. They all chant some prayer. Ambrose says what happened did the Grinch came or the Dark Lord. Sabrina says this year is different Ambrose. She says i signed my name in the book of beasts and now i am witch. Ambrose says we all signed the book of the beast. Ambrose says then what as your friends have accepted this and then what is the problem. Sabrina says more or less i am keeping up space with them so that they could accept it. Ambrose says maybe you should do something opposite. He asks her to reassure that everything is good and normal.

Sabrina says i do not know honestly and she says i want to know what mom would say about this and what would she have done if she is in the same situation. Did she break up with Dad as i did with Harvey? Ambrose says every girl wants to talk to her mother after the bad breakup. Sabrina tells him that what the weird thing is that she saw her mother in the limbo when she went there to bring back the soul of Tommy. She was confused and looking for something. Ambrose says if she is in limbo then there will be a task for her which is incomplete and that’s why her soul is roaming there.

Sabrina says exactly i am thinking this and i want to talk to my mother that what is left and what she has do. Ambrose says yes that is the foremost thing but how she will tell you. She says we could have the seance. Ambrose laughs. Sabrina says Christmas is the perfect time for the ghosts and Solstice is when the Veil between the living and dead world is at its thinnest. Ambrose says that is why we burn the Yule log to keep the bad things out. Sabrina says my mother is not a bad thing and this was just an idea. Ms Wardwell prays and says Dark Lord as the longest night approaching answer me that i did what you have asked as i made Sabrina sign your book and why you have forsaken me and why you have not called me to the World of pit, has my mission changed please give me a word and please give me life. She asks to give her a sign. Sabrina comes in there.

Chilling adventures of Sabrina
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She says happy Solstice Ms Wardwell. Ms Wardwell welcomes Sabrina. Sabrina says i want a favor that when i went to limbo then i saw my mother there and she was so confused and looking for something and now i want to talk to her and i want to have a seance. Ms Wardwell gets shocked. Ms Wardwell says if i deny you to give the book of dead then you are going to ask for the book from your friends at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Ms Wardwell says Sabrina be careful and i cannot keep you away from your mother. She gives her the book and Sabrina takes the book and says you are the best. Ms Wardwell talks to her familiar and says if Sabrina will talk to her mother then might be she will get to know the things and we made her to sign the book at the dotted line. Ms Wardwell thinks that this will not be right for them and she should interfere with the proceedings then.

Sabrina talks to her friends Roz and Susie. She tells that she wants to contact her mother and do the seance. Susie becomes shocked. Sabrina says i am just asking you and is it too weird and too soon. Roz and Susie says yes it is both weird and soon. Roz says my cousin have come up for the Christmas and i will be busy there. Susie says i have to prepare with my dad for the Christmas. Sabrina says that’s fine. Roz asks Susie to tell what you are doing this Christmas. Susie says i will be playing jingles. Sabrina becomes happy and asks really? Susie nods.

Sabrina says you wanted this from years. She says yes Santa is playing the Grinch and you should come by the Townhall. Roz says definitely. Harvey comes in and stares at her. Sabrina leaves and goes to him. Sabrina talks to Harvey and tells when the last time we had a serious talk then you said that every time you look at me you see that Tommy is dead. Harvey becomes sad and says no it is getting better. Sabrina asks whats your dad holding up. Harvey says he is worst and is drinking more than before. Sabrina says why you are not calling up your grandpa. He says my father doesn’t want to see him. Sabrina sighs.

She takes out something and says open it as this is your Christmas gift. Sabrina says this is the special pencil colors Aunt Hilda found in a shop of England. She says their tips never went down. Harvey says by magic? Sabrina says no they are enchanted. Harvey feels awkward. Sabrina says what happened. Harvey says nothing. He says they are great. Harvey says i will see you after break. Sabrina cries. At the Academy Sabrina says hello to the Weird sisters. Prudence asks if you are looking for Nicholas as he left for the Unholy lands for the holidays.

Sabrina says no i am not looking for him and actually i was looking for you guys. Prudence asks why and Sabrina asks what plans do you have tonight. Agatha says no we do not have plans as everybody is leaving for their home and we do not have family. Sabrina says i am having seance at the down hall and i would love you three to join me. Prudence says whom do you want to contact. Sabrina says my mother. Sabrina also says can we keep this is a secret as i do not want my aunties to know this. Agatha says she wants to join as she want to sharpen her skills and Asks Prudence can they join. Prudence looks at them and says we three know that what it means to see the mother. Prudence says i will leave my window unlocked.

Sabrina says you will be coming to my room on the witching hour and i will do the things before that like stuffing some stockings. Roz goes to the Susie and Susie was dressed as Jingles. Santa asks Susie to come and Roz says do you want to go home as i do not find anything here to hang out for a bit. Susie says i have to be here and she goes there. Roz sees something and goes. Santa says that he appreciates her to stay with him late. He asks about her family. Susie says she lives with her dad only. Susie cleans the idol of some children and Santa says carefully do that as they are precious. He says i made them on my own. She cleans one and becomes amazed to see the statue of child crying. Santa says usually i have to go out to find the prettiest and the most special child but this time the child came to me. Susie flips and Santa ties her in the bag.

At the home Ms Wardwell makes some puppets and makes the Yule’s flames become low in the house of Sabrina and gives some dark spirits there. Sabrina does all the preparations. She lits up the candles. Agatha asks Sabrina to bring the dress of her mother. She put that dress on the table and then Agatha asks to put their pinkies on the table. They put their energies into the table. Agatha says Diana would speak up or through me or both the combination. Sabrina says okay. Agatha casts some spell and asks Diana to come. Agatha says she is here and asks some question which only Diana knows.

Sabrina says spirit if you are my mother then tell me how did you die. She says 2331. Prudence asks what is this. Sabrina says my mother and father died in the plane crash and flight number was 2331. Sabina says so it is you mother. Sabrina says i have so many questions for you. First of all i want to meet you again. Agatha says that she is saying that she will try. Another sister says that if you could the static energy. Agatha asks her not to disbalance her focus. Agatha says she is coming through. Sabrina sees her mother.  Sabrina asks why are you in limbo mother and if there is anything she can do. Agatha tells that she is saying that it is not safe.

Sabrina says how can i help you. Agatha says there is some interference. She asks what type of interference. She says some other spirits are interfering. Diana breathes heavily. Sabrina says Mom, Mom and is someone with you? Some spirits of children come and Christmas tree falls. Hilda and Zelda come and see that Yule Log is not burning. Zelda asks Hilda to relit the damn thing and she will warn Ambrose and Sabrina.

Something happens with the soul of Diana. She asks what is happening. Agatha says i am not sure as other entities are threatening her and coming after her. Agatha says i am breaking the connection. Zelda comes in the room and sees Diana. She leaves. Sabrina cries and suddenly Zelda comes and Sabrina says she can explain everything. Zelda says you would. Zelda asks three of them to go back to the Academy as there would be some bed check. They get up and leave. Sabrina says Aunt Zelda i swear that i did not put down the log. Zelda says oh then it is the mere coincidence as Yule Log is burnt to keep away all the unearthly things including spirits and you wanted to call the spirit of your mother and that’s why you did this. She says tell me what was the need. Sabrina tells that she saw her mother in the limbo and wanted to contact her to make her free.

Zelda says if this is true then why in Satan’s name you did not tell us? She says you would have tell me and i will help you if she is in trouble. Sabrina says really will you help me. Zelda says i do not think that you know the meaning of the family and Diana was my brother’s wife why would not i help her.

Ambrose comes and says i have checked every room but doesnot find anything. Zelda says let us go to our rooms and sleep and suggests everyone to keep the candle lit and pray to Satan that he keeps us safe. Hilda asks if she can stay with her in her room. Zelda says fine but no snoring as Leticia is a light sleeper and she will wake up then. Ambrose comes to Sabrina and asks what happened and what is keeping your mother in the limbo. He says did you ask about Harvey. Sabrina says i will try after Solstice. Zelda plays with the baby. She taunts her not to tell her about her mother. Sabrina says you are allowed to kidnap babies but i am not allowed to contact my mother. She says i wanna help her. Zelda says of course you are but you should not risk everyone’s life in the house.

Sabrina says i did not do that. Zelda says i trust you Sabrina and on the new year we all will try contacting your mother. Zelda goes and says i have to take Leticia for the Solstice bath. She goes. Sabrina asks Hilda what i do wrong. Hilda says this is not you my darling but your Aunt Zelds as she is a hard woman. She says she never let her enter into the heart and then they died. Hilda says that is why she is protecting you and got something to prove. Sabrina says i keep making messes. Sabrina shows some potion and says i have made this for Mr Kinkle and i cup of this and he will never want alcohol again. Sabrina says i will help them. Sabrina comes and says i have brought some eggnog for you. He says there is rum in this. He take that. Susie was asked by her dad to wake up but he doesnot find her. Mr Putnam calls Roz. Roz say Susie is not there and becomes shocked that Susie does not come home last night.

Susie was lying down and sees statues of some children. She gets scared as she was stick on the floor she sees some demon there. Ambrose talks to her familiar and he sees that dead body is behind him and he thinks he is imagining but that dead body comes and tries to kill him. Some children laugh and then that dead body comes up and whoosh the scene disappears. Aunt Hilda makes some bread and becomes shocked as everything was falling, again the noise comes from the children. She becomes scared and some knives fall on her. Leticia cries and Zelda looks at her. She plays with her to make her smile. Suddenly sewing machine starts up and it spells that we have your baby. She goes and then Leticia disappears.

Zelda panics and cries for Hilda. Hilda asks what happened. Leticia cries and they both tries to find her. They keep looking and listens to the baby crying and some some ghosts also come up. Hilda finds her in the oven. Ambrose comes up and says we have poltergeist in the home aunties. Hilda says what. Zelda takes up the baby. Sudden noise comes and they all rush. Sabrina says what happened. Zelda says some spirits of the children from the hills comes every year to create mischief in the house of witches in every Christmas who are unguarded.

She says they have come when the yule fire went out. Hilda says Gryla comes. Sabrina says who is Gryla. Zelda says a very dangerous witch and she and another women from her coven made a pact that they would eat their own children to survive. Sabrina become shocked and says what is this cannibalism. They cooked and ate the Gryla’s first baby but when the part came on the second witch, she denied. Sabrina says what should we do now. She says we will summon Gryla and offer her to take up her children but first of all Ambrose, you have to go out of the house as Gryla was abandoned by her husband and she does not like men. She does like eating him. Ambrose says i am going out and will go to the Luke party. Zelda says we have to hide Leticia also.

Zelda says as Gryla will try to take leticia and will add her to in her retinue. She says i can take her and i will protect her as you protected me from these years. Sabrina takes Leticia. Zelda calls Gryla and says she welcomes her in the house but if she promises to abide by the rules and customs. Gryla says i do. She enters and Gryla says why you have summoned me. She says we have summoned you to take your Yule lads with you. She says oh my yule lads have come here then. Gryla asks what do you offer me in exchange then. Hilda says oh will let’s see.

Hilda says i have cookies and pies and tea cakes. Gryla says do you have any Gin then drink with me sisters. Ambrose goes to the party of Luke. Gryla calls her lads to come along. Sabrina handles the Leticia and her thing falls down. Leticia cries. Gryla says you have a baby here. Sabrina comes. Zelda says damn it. Gryla says this baby is not your Zelda as i can smell it so i have the right over this baby as you never delivered a child but i did.

She says i delivered the child and it belongs to me. Gryla asks lads to bring the babe to her. Lads whispers and then Diana comes. Diana says leave the baby and i will decide. Gryla says but what rights. She says my mother’s rights. Everyone becomes shocked to see her. She says i also lost my child and she called upon guides both mortal and infernal to ferry my soul here. She says Saint Lucia took my right hand. The demon Lucy took my left hand and i wear this crown o this, the longest of nights and i speak with their authority and asks if she agrees. Zelda says i do. Diana says make the circle and put the baby in centre of the circle, Gryla will hold the one hand and Zelda will hold the another hand and whoever will manage to take the baby out of the circle then they will keep the baby.

Zelda says what. Diana asks Sabrina to put the baby in the circle of salt. Sabrina asks are you sure. Diana nods. Sabrina puts the baby in the circle. Gryla and Zelda comes forth and they both hold the hand of Leticia and pulls them. Zelda says i cannot do this and i will not separate the baby in two pieces. Diana says then the baby belongs to Gryla. Zelda says no. Gryla take up the baby and says you will never be alone. Gryla says i am taking the baby. She takes the baby and goes. Hilda says why you do this Sabrina.

Sabrina says we would never do that and how can we give baby Leticia to Gryla. Zelda says i do not understand. Sabrina shows the Leticia is safe underground. She tells that she enchanted Ambrose teddy to look like Leticia and then Gryla will be long gone to the mountains. Gryla sees the baby and then it transforms to the teddy. Zelda says how you did that. Sabrina says my mom helped me to do so.

Hilda sees baby. Sabrina says when Leticia cried she came and told me the spell to do all this. Zelda says oh Diana stole some spells from Edward. Zelda says Diana thank you but Diana disappears. Roz comes and says Susie is missing from the last night and i want your help. Sabrina becomes shocked. Roz tells that Mr Putnam fell asleep while he was watching the TV and he never heard her come home last night. Her bed was also right this means she has not slept last night and he is talking to the police and he also wen to the St. Bernard where she was working. Roz says when i get there i had my cunning vision. She tells that she saw Santa and he was a demon and he is taking the children and dipped in the wax.

Hilda asks what was the name, She tells Bartel. Hilda says oh Bartel, it is one of the demon and this is a coincidence at this time of the year. Sabrina says how we can find him, some spell? Zelda says no need to be so violent and she open the white pages of Greendale and says there we are. Sabrina says let’s go then. Zelda says not so fast Sabrina as Solstice is their time and Demons are so powerful tonight. She says we need some help. She says Gryla would not have gone so far and she can handle this. Sabrina says why would she do that as she will be mad that we tricked her. Zelda says she wants kids and we are giving her. Zelda asks Roz to stay there and take care of the baby leticia.

Roz holds the baby and asks if this is like witches, fighting demons and performing seances, Sabrina laughs and says not usually. Hilda and Zelda goes.  Susie was please let me go. Bartel says wax is almost ready and you will turn into the statues. Gryla comes there and says you hurt children Bartel and trap their souls in the wax. Gryla says not at all now. Susie gets free and asks who are you. Gryla says i am helping you and are you alone. She says i have my dad. Gryla asks her to go as she cannot see what happens next.

Susie goes. She looks outside and sees Sabrina. She hugs her and says we will be fine. Gryla gathers the Yule Lads and says we will welcome new children to our family. Susie says we cannot tell my dad as he will not let me do after school job then. She says do not worry and forget everything as this was a nightmare.

Ambrose asks where were you guys. She says we went to Susie and saved her and then erased her dad’s memory. She says where is Roz. Ambrose says i teleported her as her parents have started worrying.

Zelda asks where is Leticia, Ambrose says she is fine after the bottle. Zelda cries.  She says she is a strong brave girl and she cries. Zelda says we have to take Leticia to Desmalda as Ambrose was right and we cannot keep this as a secret from Father Blackwood for a long time. She says Leticia will be safe there. Zelda starts to cries. Sabrina says please do not cry. She says Satan forbid what if Gryla comes next Christmas or next day for this matter. Zelda says she is not safe here. Hilda says she is safer here than she would have been with her father. Zelda says Desmelda can keep her in declusion and she can provide all the old knowledge to her and obviously i will visit her and provide for here that’s only right I am her Night Mother. Zelda says i have make up my mind and nobody can stop me.

Zelda becomes emotional and asks Ambrose to give her to Leticia. She holds Leticia in her hands. She says i will put her into the bed. Zelda takes her, Sabrina sits there and Diana comes there and talks with Sabrina. Sabrina gets shocked and says mom you are here as i want to talk to you and what unfinished business you have here and i can fulfill that for you. Diana says i was so worried about you that you are gonna loved or not and how much protection you will receive. Diana says this was my biggest fear but tonight i saw you are having mothers and a family who adores you. Sabrina says there is a boy named Harvey and he is a mortal like you. Diana says yes and when you dad told me that he is a witch and then i followed the Path of Night as much as i could but i wouldn’t lead anyone down it. Sabrina says i think i understand. Diana says oh sweet girl and i wish i could hold you in my arms for the last time. Sabrina cries and she goes. On Christmas eve. Ms Wardwell sees the puppet and eats that.

Harvey comes to Sabrina’s place and says my dad is doing great and he woke up this morning this and threw every bottle in the sink and said that he is done with drinking. Sabrina becomes happy and says thats a good news. Harvey says yes this is a good news. Harvey says thanks for the enchanted eggnog but please do not do this again. Sabrina becomes shocked. Harvey says do not use magic with me, near me ever again. Sabrina says i did it to help you. Harvey says i know. He says like you did with Tommy and i do not trust you Sabrina and that’s why i cannot keep these. Harvey says i hope you understand. Harvey says i should get back to the dad and merry Christmas or what you guys say. Sabrina says Happy Solstice. Harvey says okay bye.

Sabrina goes to the Aunties. They asks who was there. Sabrina says Harvey came and gave the gift back. Aunties asks if he will not come inside. She says no he has to go back to her father. Sabrina gets upset and thinks of him. Ambrose says soi have removed home abduction and we can say this is a merry Solstice. Luke was also sitting there and she asks everybody to take up the glass and says Satan bless us all. Zelda asks Ambrose to continue the annual reading if he can. Ambrose starts reading and suddenly some ghosts come.

This was such a mind-blowing episode and a good news for the fans that the second season is also coming up soon on the new year. In the second season’s teaser, Sabrina gets the power and now becomes cooler. She changes her dress just by twisting. She goes to Aunties and it was full of fun. She dances with the Nick and runs and more things are adding to the adventure of this series