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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Episode 1 updates


Sabrina and her friends were watching a movie and when she comes out and she asks her teacher to come along but she says that she has some work. They leave and Sabrina comes home. Sabrina and Harvey kiss and then Sabrina enters the House. She tries to sleep and then sees the calendar as her birthday is coming.

She sleeps and in the morning, the scene comes where her Aunt Hilda and Zelda are there. The teacher goes home and then she sees a girl standing there. She asks that girl to sit in the car. She takes that girl home. Ms Wardwell says that those witches were hung on the tree. That girl asks how you know about witches She says i read books and know everything about that. That girl kills Ms. Wardwell and then she takes the body of Ms. Wardwell. She says I will deliver Sabrina to you Dark Lord.

In the morning, Sabrina talks to her aunties Zelda and Hilda. Zelda says drink this water as this will purify your soul before dark baptism. Sabrina says that i am still confused that what path should i follow and Hilda says this potion is made up of various herbs and shrubs and Zelda says that we need to finalize your familiar and then you have to decide that what is the animal you have to choose. Sabrina says okay i am going to choose one for you. Sabrina asks her Aunties about the mother and father. Zelda asks what name you want to take after your dark baptism. Sabrina says i have thought that my name will be Edwina Diana to honor my parents. Sabrina tells that Edwina matches to the Edward (name of her father) and Diana(name of her mother).

She says after that I will feel that my mother and father are with me. Ambrose says i am housebound and cannot go anywhere. She asks what she should do. Sabrina goes to the woods and casts some spell and asks spirits to come up. Agatha, Prudence comes and says why you call us half breed. They all bully her. Sabrina says i am not going to be bullied and then they all curse her. Sabrina says why you are cursing me. She runs and goes to the High School. Then she immediately takes shower. When she comes out then she sees Susie crying. She asks what happened.

She says that some boys bullied her and pulled up her shirt. She then goes to the principal’s office and tells that this is not done and boys are doing wrong things with us. Hawthrone, the principal says what is the proof and who are they, tell me the names. Sabrina says she is not telling the names but i can surely tell that the boys were of Basketball team. Sabrina says that we have to find out. Ms Wardwell comes and then says we will tell them a lesson. Ms Wardwell says this town is so masculine and then they will not listen to you. Sabrina says Hawthrone is just ridiculous and he deserves a lesson.

Ms Wardwell tells the secret that he is afraid of spiders. Sabrina gasps and tells Roz about this. Sabrina says we will make a club for girls so that girls protect girls. Roz says that your birthday is coming and that day is Halloween. Harvey asks her to come on the birthday and Sabrina denies. Ms Wardwell talks to a crow and says Dark Lord has thought something about Sabrina. Hilda picks up the call and says this is mortuary and how we can assist you. She gets to know that a man has been stabbed and his mother and father are coming. Hilda says they are poor poor dears.

Zelda asks what they want an open or closed casket. They come and shows the picture of their son. Harvey and Sabrina walks. He says that she should not hide anything from him. Harvey says why you do not celebrate your birthday. Sabrina says Aunties are so important to me. Sabrina suddenly says i am moving Harvey and i am moving to a new college. She says this is so amazing opportunity for me and i cannot say no to. Harvey asks what school. Sabrina says i do not remember. Harvey says why you are doing this. Sabrina says I just do not want to freak you out. She takes him to the woods, Sabrina tells that she was born here and this grove of trees. She says i am a witch and my father was the high priest of the Church of Night. Harvey becomes shocked. Harvey says i do not understand what are you saying,

She says i have to sign the book of beasts and i will be a full witch then so I have to leave the Baxter High and continue the studies at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Harvey panics and goes. Sabrina kisses him and casts a spell that makes Harvey forget everything. She gets home and talks to Ambrose. She tells that this is impossible to leave Harvey and my friends as i Love them. Ambrose says i wanna make things easier for you. She says you have to tell me the spell to trouble my principal. She tells that she has to set up the club before her baptism so that she can protect Susie.

Sabrina comes home and tells everything. She says weird sisters have cursed her and asks why would they do so. Hilda says we will check if that curse has been washed off or not. Zelda says they are jealous of you Sabrina as you are the daughter of the High priest and who are they? Nobody. Zelda says that you are going to be the biggest witch of your age. Sabrina goes to the room. Sabrina calls the aunties and say that weird sisters said something about mother and father that they did not die because of the normal cause but they were murdered. Zelda says that not true and Edward and Diana was going to Italy and their plane crashed. She asks Sabrina to go and take the bath as Aunt Hilda said.

Sabrina goes upstairs and thinks about her mother. She goes into the woods in her dreams and sees two babies were crying. She gets scared and goes to Ambrose. She asks Ambrose to cast some spell and terrify her principal. She says i wanna terrify her only and he should not die. Then suddenly Hawthrone was covered with many spiders and he cries out loud. Spiders walk on his face.

Sabrina goes downstairs and smiles. Some voice came there and Sabrina sees a kitty. Sabrina says Salem is my familiar now and i will protect him and he will protect me. She also tells that we are starting a club in our school and that will involve the protection of women. She says i just want you to postpone my baptism a little bit. Zelda becomes shocked and says you cannot postpone your birthday and that is why we cannot postpone your baptism and especially when it is falling on the eclipse. Hilda says its just about a club dear and Sabrina says no it is about my friends. She says i want some educated person who can let me know about everything so that i can make a choice. Zelda says choice, as you do not have any choice. She says it is our duty to serve the Dark Lord and he gives us the delicious gifts in return of signing his book.

Zelda says this is the influence of your mother. Hilda ask Zelda to calm down as her blood pressure will rise up. Zelda says that no issues as everything is not in my control. Sabrina says why i cannot take my decisions on my own and why i cannot pursue my mortal life. Zelda says i want you to be a witch and so as your father does. Sabrina becomes rebellious and says my Father married a mortal and then why i cannot do something like this. Zelda says you are the daughter of the high priest and your parents wanted this for you. Ambrose comes and says you do not want any gifts which Dark Lord offers. He says what you want to do. She says i want to know what i should do. Ambrose says you should go for Malum Malus. Sabrina asks what is that. Ambrose tells her that this is the apple which can tell the future and it will help you to decide whether you should choose the path of night or path of light.

Sabrina asks from where we will get the Malum Malus. Sabrina goes to the school. Ms Wardwell gets to know that Sabrina is looking for the Malum Malus. She goes to the field and searches for the apple Malum Malus. She goes in the hay and sees the scarecrow and searches for Malum Malus and scarecrow comes to scare her and tries to kill her. She runs and suddenly Salem comes to protect her. She picks up the Salem and says you protected me. She asks Salem to help me to go through the maze. She goes to the old tree and suddenly see the old tree which was bearing apples. Sabrina thinks which one is the Malum Malus and she suddenly sees the apple which could be the Malum Malus. She picks up that apple and bites that, she sees witches were hanging on the tree and a monster comes from the tree. She gets scared and goes back home.

She calls Aunties and says she has made a decision about her baptism. She sees a father was sitting there. Zelda says Sabrina see we are blessed today as High priest have come here to honor us. Sabrina says okay. Father asks if she is the child. Hilda says yes she is our niece and she is having her 16th birthday and going to be the witch. Father Blackwood says oh dear you do not know that you are so special. Sabrina says do i know you? Hilda says he is the high priest of Church of Night and he has come here. Sabrina says what happened. Father Blackwood says i have seen you do not want to sign your name in the book of the beast and that’s why i have come here so that i can help you to decide what is wrong and what is right.

Father Blackwood says i will help you to decide. Father Blackwood says that you might have some question related to your dark baptism. He says to ask questions. Sabrina says if i will sign my name in the book then Dark Lord will be having the right on my soul. He says many people think so but it is not true. He says and? Sabrina says what if i do not abide by the orders of Dark Lord. He says you have to as he never says wrong. Sabrina says i am not an evil. Father Blackwood says we are not evil. Sabrina says what about the Dark Lord. Father Blackwood laughs and says he is an embodiment of evil. Sabrina asks what about me going to hell and burning in flames of hell. Father Blackwood tells first of all whoever signs the book of beast never dies for a long time and hell is for mortals.

He tries everything to convince her. Father Blackwood says he will expect Sabrina in the woods under Blood moon. Ambrose asks Father to see the Body of man. Father says he has never been baptized. Father says he is going to talk to the council about this. Harvey comes to Sabrina’s home and says can we meet on the day after your birthday and go bowling and your aunts can come too if they want. Hilda says that’s a lovely idea.

They both talks and goes out. Sabrina says so you gave me surprise by coming to my home and that was sweet. Harvey says you like it. She says yes and your plan of bowling was also good. He says i was not getting anything to speak so i just randomly told that. She says that was perfect, you, me, Roz and Susie. We will have fun.