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Chilling adventures of Sabrina Episode 10 Updates: Witching Hour


The Witching hour starts with Ms. Wardwell talking and says the time has come now. Cats are running, the wind is blowing. Roz becomes so sad and goes to her nana. She tells that her cunning has been started when she told her about this. She asks that nana was telling about the curse which witch gave us and we all became blind. She tells that she had a cunning and she thinks that her friend is a witch.

Nana thinks. Roz asks if Spellman cursed our family. She says no some other witches did that. Nana says i do not think that your friend will cause you some harm and i think she is good and more you know about her as you stay with her a lot. She remembers how she saw the vision in which Sabrina was seeming old. Nana says do not think a bad thought about this. She says cunning tells me that your friend is not the one we need to fear but thirteen are coming and they are powerful than us and may lord have mercy on us. Zelda comes and asks for Sabrina and Ambrose tells her that she is broken. Hilda says she is in bed and she does not want to go school. Zelda goes to wake her up. She says you have school Sabrina and you should go. Sabrina wakes up and says i do not want to go as i have to face him.

She says i want to stop hurting Harvey. Zelda says that you will go to school and talk to your friends, answer the questions of the teachers and then you will go to the academy then come home. After that we will have supper together and Hilda and i will be sitting next to you until you fall asleep. She says we will do the same another day also and it will hurt less. Sabrina says how i am going to hurt Harvey less. Zelda says perhaps i was not at place where you are. Sabrina goes to school and Harvey comes, she runs. Roz and Susie comes, Sabrina asks where were you. Roz and Susie asks are you a witch. Sabrina says are you kidding.

Roz says no we are serious and i wanna know. Roz tells she had a vision and showed me something that you are a witch. Susie says i read the book and that said Spellmans are witches. Sabrina says that’s just… Sabrina says i wanted to tell you every time and Harvey broke up with me. Sabrina says its all my fault as i wanted to bring Tommy back and i did resurrection. Then Tommy came back but his soul did not. She says then I told Harvey about this and he had to kill Tommy. She cries.

Susie and Roz hug her and asks her to calm down as they are with her. She calms down and says you are the best. Ms. Wardwell was sitting in the bathroom and listens to what happens. She becomes irritated as her plan is not fulfilled, she says i tried every time to manipulate Sabrina but this was not expected that her mortal friends will support her. Despite everything that they learned about Sabrina, they still want to stay with her so in that case, Ms. Wardwell says that she has an idea of creating some threat to Greendale and in that situation, Sabrina needs to choose between the two then they will get separated.

Ms Wardwell says i will need to wait till 12:00 pm that is the witching hour. Sabrina talks and Prudence says you failed the resurrection. Suddenly blood comes out from Dark Lord’s and everyone gets shocked. Ms. Wardwell gets the boy into the woods and suddenly pushes him and kills him. She calls of witches who hung up in the woods and she asks all of them to take revenge from the mortals as the earth is theirs now. All the witches go there. Hilda in the bookstore. They feel some terrible energy and suddenly witches go to Susie.

Susie sees them and thinks why they are here. Luke and Ambrose go to the woods and Ambrose gets to see some witches and they are burning something. Ambrose says they are witches from our coven and we should go and ask what they are doing. Ambrose goes and takes out something which they were burning. One witch catches Ambrose and says you warlock take this message to the Church of night. Harvey sees something like that witch and then Harvey makes a sketch of the witch.

Sabrina goes there and asks how are you Harvey and asked what you did with Tommy. He says i killed him and told dad that Tommy has done this to take himself out of this misery. Sabrina says that makes sense. Sabrina tells him that she wanted to call him so badly and she cares about him. Harvey says is this a joke for you and you are a witch and i have never understood so many things before and i am so stupid to understand those things. Sabrina says i could not tell me before and you must hate me. Harvey says i promised you that i can never hate you. Hilda comes and says i am here to tell you that Father Blackwood has called an emergency meeting and we have to go. Harvey asks she was not here right? Sabrina tells that she was astral projecting. Father says that Dark Lord has seen weakness and Satan plans to kill us.

Ambrose and Luke come in and they were so messed up. They say no Satan doesn’t want to kill us but thirteen witches came back and they were doing some spell. We are alive only because they wanted to deliver the message by us. Father says spit out the message.

They have come to take revenge. It is Greendale thirteen. Last night they rose and they will ride. Zelda says who rides down. He shows some statue and both mortals and witches will perish. Crimson death has come. Everybody gasps and becomes threatened. Zelda hugs Sabrina and then they panic. Father Blackwood says if this is the situation then I, Father Blackwood will protect you all. Hilda says i want to ask something, Your Excellency, Just to acknowledge that I am ex-communicated then?

Father Blackwood says we are going to protect the Academy by the impenetrable spells and then nobody can enter the Academy until the Red riding passes from Greendale. Sabrina says then what about the mortals. Father Blackwood says that their false god will protect them.

Sabrina asks Zelda that why would thirteen witches will be angry on us. Zelda says this was the messy chapter of the history of Greendale but although it is important as this is our history. Trouble is brewing in Greendale and mortals are in a trouble. Thirteen will be sacrificed and they were killed to fulfill the blood lust of the mortals. Coven could have come up to save those witches but we and our ancestors did not do that. Sabrina says then we are the descendants of the witches who were not responsible enough.

Sabrina says then what about the mortals and i am not going to be in a burrow to protect myself from doomsday and i am going to protect my friends. Aunty Zee says neither am I and we are going to save the town. Everyone becomes shocked and Ambrose says that was not expected by you Aunt Zee. Zelda says why not The Greendale Thirteen were sacrificed so that pack might survive and we are not going to repeat that mistake and we are Spellman and we do not do anything wrong. We are going to save the town and what your father must have done. We stand tall with dignity. This doom is brought by the witches and will be averted by the witches also.

All right said by Ambrose and he asks what is the plan then. She says as Father blackwood said and we can gather the mortals together. Hilda says i have the answer. She tells that his boss told him that if there is a tornado then people will gather in the Baxter High Basement. Sabrina says alright Aunt we just need a tornado. Ambrose says that is easy enough.

They all start doing some spell and they put the map. Suddenly wind starts blowing. Everything flies. Mortals of the Greendale gathered in the basement of Baxter High and everyone panics. Father blackwood says where are Spellmans. They all gather in the Academy and they start the spell.

Sabrina sees that Roz and Harvey are not here. She asks Susies to bring Roz and she goes to bring Harvey. Harvey says i do not want to come there. Sabrina says its not the tornado but this is something more. Harvey says i know the problems are witches and Red Angel of Death. Sabrina says yes and we can protect you. Harvey says that thank you but i do not want your protection and i will protect my father and this house myself. Sabrina tries to convince him but he says this is what Tommy had done.

Harvey says i am staying here and i am done being a coward. Roz says Nana does not want to go and i cannot leave her here. Susie says that this is the Tornado and please come. Nana says please we are Walker women and we know everything. She says this is not a tornado. She says these are witches and i have spent 30 years in this chair and i do not find any reason to leave this. Roz says i cannot go. Susie says then i am also not going and staying with you. She says may be Dorothea wants me to do this.

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Sabrina comes and then Zelda asks where were you as the Witching Hour is started in just few minutes, She tells that Harvey was not coming so she needed a backup. Nick goes to Harvey and asks him to show every window so he can seal them and he goes in. Witches go to the Basement. Sabrina, Zelda and Hilda and Ambrose protect Harvey’s place. Zelda and Hilda protect the Basement and they say as long as we are going to remain focused then they are not going to harm us. Then suddenly Zelda was in the Academy. Zelda says Faustus you brought me here but my family needs me.

Father says Lady Blackwood also needs you as she is in labor pain. Zelda says ok i need some towels, hot water and Prudence. He goes and brings them

Witches come to the Walker’s place and Susie comes ahead and says i am the blood of Dorothea who let you cross the sea when no one else wished you to do and Walkers are my friends please do not hurt them.

Ambrose and Hilda get tensed as they are able to protect them or not. Hilda says we can until somebody else will get disappear. Then Ambrose also goes. He sees that Luke transported him. Luke says i love you and you belong to here with other warlocks. He says i was protecting them. Luke says i cannot see you like this. Ambrose gets angry.

Ambrose says i want to go and Luke says i cannot let you go. Hilda says it is difficult for me to hold on. Ms Wardwell says that Witches are getting stronger and they will open up every window and every door. Ms Wardwell says i have the idea and Hilda have to hold on alone. Sabrina says i am going and please Aunt Hold on alone. Ms Wardwell says we went back where our story began 16 years ago. Sabrina says what is the book of beast doing here. Sabrina says i already said no for this and i have to exchange freedom in return of power. She says you will be the greatest witches of your generation. Ms Wardwell says that this is the only thing we can do. They listens to the Red Angel of Death. Sabrina says no i cannot do this. Ms. Wardwell says sign it and save your friends and it is your destiny. Ms Wardwell says that we all will die if you will not do this.

Sabrina says I will sign. Suddenly Dark Lord comes and says do you know what it means and are you doing it in your free will. She says yes. Sabrina thinks of everything she has seen in her life. Sabrina thinks and then takes up the pen. Sabrina signs the book of the beast and suddenly feels something. Sabrina says what should we do now and what we must do.

Ms Wardwell says what are you feeling now and Dark Lord must have tell you what to do. She remembers that thirteen witches were hanging up on the tree and that tree was on fire.

Lady Blackwood cries and loses hope. Zelda says here comes your first baby. Lady Blackwood says her babies should be preserved at any cost. Susie comes and they listens to the Angel of Death. Ms Wardwell that Sabrina you can do this and command the Greendale Witches. She asks Greendale Witches to stop or face her wrath. Witches come there. Hilda chants the spell and then she sees the Angel of Death, she feels so collapsed but chants the spell. Witches asks Sabrina that who is she to order them and they have hung once and they will not be hung again. Sabrina says no not hung, burned. She says i will burn you. Witch says no earthly fire can kill us. Sabrina says not earthly fire but the fire of hell. Witch says you are the half witch and you cannot do that.

Sabrina says I, daughter of Edward Spellman do this, she chants some spell and fire arises. Every witch burns. Sabrina suddenly feels sad. Ms Wardwell says then their soul might have to get the place.

Ms Wardwell talks to somebody and then she says Entire town was saved and Angel of Death also disappeared. Harvey asks is this over. Nick says i am pretty sure that your girlfriend has saved entire town. Harvey says she is not my girlfriend. Harvey asks why you came here. He says, Sabrina asked me to come here and protect you. Harvey says are you guys? Nick says she loves you and she can die for you. He tells that Sabrina always protects him.

Faustus comes and asks about the babies. Zelda says something strange happened but it is heard. Zelda says Lady Blackwood is too weak and one of your sons, dominant one consumed the other and there is only one son. Father Blackwood says my only son and heir. Nana sleeps and Roz puts the blanket on her.

Roz suddenly see something that her Nana’s soul goes. Hilda talks to her crush and they kiss. Hilda says goodnight to him and goes. Hilda asks what happened, Zelda shows her the baby. Zelda says this is the baby of Father Blackwood and she came before the Brother so we can raise her as we did Sabrina. Hilda gasps. Zelda becomes so happy and says we have done this before. Hilda says i am moving out of this bedroom as i think i might need new bedroom. Father Blackwood shows his son to warlocks. Wind wooshes and Sabrina comes there in the room of Harvey.

Sabrina looks young and says i came here to apologize and keep a check on you. Harvey says Nick told me you saved the town. Sabrina says no this is the group effort. Harvey says tell me. Sabrina says i am sorry for everything what i did with you and what i did with Tommy.

Harvey says i know and if we can start things over. Sabrina says this is not a good idea and i do not know that i should roam around you guys or not. She says i have done something that scares me. She says Harvey, it touched something dark something inside me and i cannot risk you ever. Sabrina cries. Harvey says can i get one last kiss. They kiss and wind blows. Sabrina disappears. Ms Wardwell says that i do not deserve the credit which i have done. So now the face of the person who was listening the story appears. He was a man who is the principal. He says who are you. She says i am not Ms Wardwell but i enjoy her body.

She says i am the mother of demons, Satan concubine. She says i am Lilith, First wife to Adam saved from despair in the fallen angel and i call myself Madam Satan, in his honor. But soon very soon i will have the new title once i train Sabrina to take the place of Satan’s Soldiers. i will earn crown and a throne by his side. She asks who am i? She says i am the future queen of hell. Stolas says that Sabrina is groomed by Dark Lord. She says that Dark Lord will not neglect my eternal service. She kills Stolas. Harvey, Roz and Susie talks.

Harvey says something has changed and she is our friends. Sabrina joins the gang of Prudence and they comes. Sabrina looks good.


It is decided that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be seeing its second installment of the show and this will be something interesting. May be that child which Zelda brought will be the next lead or Sabrina will continue the series. The series end with the question that Sabrina will be going to the Baxter high and taking classes there also. Harvey and Sabrina will meet up together again or not and how Sabrina can leave Harvey. All these questions will be answered in the next season.