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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Episode 2: Sabrina runs from Dark Baptism


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina episode 2 starts when Sabrina asks Father Blackwood what she feels and what doubts she has. Father Blackwood says he will clear all the doubts of Sabrina. She says if I will sign my name in the book then the Satan will have the right over soul and can dominate me. Father Blackwood says most people believe this and there is nothing like this. Sabrina says most of all I am a good person and does not want to become evil. Father laughs and says I am glad to know that you are a good person and in fact nobody of us is a bad personality.

Sabrina remains shocked. She says Dark Lord is the embodiment of evil. Father says no. Sabrina says that I do not want to go in the hell and burn in the flames. He says that if you will sign the name then you will be rewarded with many gifts like you will stay younger for the longer time and you will not die early. Then he tells that witches are exempted from the hell. Father tries to convince her. Sabrina says I am looking forward to it. Father Blackwood says I will leave now but Ambrose says there is one thing you should see, they goes in the basement and he shows the dead body which is raised by the mortals and he is never baptized and Ambrose asks this is done by a witch hunter.

Father says I will speak to the Council and he leaves. Sabrina remains in the dilemma. Hilda tells that Father Blackwood is so dramatic. Sabrina asks about his father. Hilda says your father was charismatic and Father blackwood was his mentor. Sabrina asks if her aunt feel good after signing her name in the Book of beast. She gives a diplomatic answer. Zelda listens what Hilda says and she thinks she will kill Hilda. Harvey comes to Sabrina’s home and asks if he can take Sabrina with him after her birthday. Harvey says you and me, Susie and Roz we all will go to bowling.

Sabrina becomes happy and says that was a perfect plan and Harvey says we have all the time in the world. Susie goes to school and some boys tries to bully her. She fights with them. Susie gets hurt and she lies down. Sabrina comes and asks what happened. Susie gets suspended. Sabrina asks Susie what were their names. Sabrina goes to Ms Wardwell and says that they are punching Susie. Ms Wardwell says that next week we will see to it. Sabrina says maybe I will not be here. Ms Wardwell asks if you have decided to move out.

Sabrina gets an idea and she goes to forest. She casts some spell and then she calls Weird sisters. They come and says hello Half breed and then Agatha asks why she summoned them. Sabrina says we have a deal and she asks them to help her. She says help her teach them the lesson and I will not come to the Academy of Unseen Arts. Zelda harrows Hilda and buries her in the ground.

Mr and Ms Kemper come and he sees his son’s corpse. Ambrose asks about Connor and his mother tells that he always talked to his lizard. Ambrose thinks why he used to talk to his lizard. Ambrose asks where is Aunt Hilda and then Zelda tells that she killed her and buried in the garden. He becomes shocked. Those boys who bullied Susie were there and Weird sisters along with Sabrina comes. They say that they want to do party in the mines and they need beer and boys. They will do the party in mines. Sabrina scares those boys that these mines will go to the mines. They say we are going in the tunnel and you all are scared, little boys. They all follow them.

Sabrina and weird sisters go in and then boys follow them. Sabrina says we need music. They listen to music. Weird sister starts seducing those boys and they all take advantage of the situation. Eventually what happens is Sabrina and weird sisters were standing there and Sabrina clicks the picture of those boys kissing themselves. Boys gets scared and say give me those pictures, Sabrina says don’t you dare to trouble Susie again.

Sabrina talks with Weird sisters and then weird sisters asks are you coming to the Academy of Unseen Arts. She says there is so much of pressure on me and Father Blackwood came there to clear my doubts. Weird sisters gets shocked as high priest visited her place. Sabrina asks Prudence what is the matter in that. She says he never visits anywhere and he visited you, that is shocking. Prudence says why you are giving up your freedom as you have a choice. She says I want my freedom and powers both. Prudence laughs and says Dark Lord will never give you that. Prudence says after all he is male and he will not give you that freedom.

Sabrina and Harvey talks. Sabrina says I want to ask Something, Harvey asks her to tell. Sabrina says if someday you will getting some powers as you would be wandering in the cave. Wizard says that in exchange of those powers you will have to leave everything, your friend, your girlfriend then what would you do. Harvey says I would not take those powers as nothing is more important than you. They kiss. Hilda comes after being harrowed. Zelda says you behave so stupidly and you did wrong by telling her your regrets you feel after signing the book of the beast. Zelda says Sabrina is not having any choice in this scenario and you better not to do this again as I will kill you again.

Hilda prepares the wedding dress of Diana, who is the mother of Sabrina, Hilda asks her to wear this on her baptism. Hilda says there is nothing to worry about your baptism and everything will be good. She says do you believe me. Sabrina says yes I do. Sabrina goes downstairs and then Zelda says I have asked your school teacher that you are not well and you should spend the day before your baptism by reading the Satanic Verses. Sabrina says no I cannot disappear from their lives like this. Zelda says you can write them postcards. Sabrina denies and says No I will not be doing this.

Ms Wardwell goes to other teacher and asks about Sabrina. Sabrina asks if she will be able to meet her friends, Roz, Susie after she will become a witch as weekends will be free. Ambrose says ask Aunt Hilda and Zelda. Sabrina become sad and asks why. Ambrose says after becoming a witch you will not be allowed to keep connections with mortals. She says why if they will cast a spell on me if I will go to mall with Harvey. Ambrose stay shocked. Ambrose says the time will come where you will have to stay away from them as with time they will get old but you will remain younger then questions will arrive. Sabrina gets ready and decides she will be going to Harvey as she wants to spend one last with him. Harvey comes to Sabrina’s home.

Harvey asks him to come to the party. Sabrina comes in the wedding dress and Harvey becomes shocked to see her. Harvey says you are beautiful Sabrina. He says happy halloween and happy birthday. Ambrose asks her to leave as Hilda and Zelda will be coming today. Sabrina and Harvey leaves for the party. Sabrina gets so happy and then she dances with Harvey. Everybody becomes so happy to see her. They brings the cake and everyone wish her Happy Birthday. Sabrina becomes happy and cuts the cake. She makes a wish.

Sabrina thinks she cannot leave Harvey. Outside there was the pink moon. Sabrina asks him not to hate me. Harvey says why would I hate you. Roz asks them to come to see the moon. They get amazed to see pink moon. Sabrina realizes something that she is getting late. Sabrina says I love you Harvey and I will always love you. She rushes and reach to the woods. Everyone was standing there. A group of demons and her aunt Hilda and Zelda. Father Blackwood was also there in order to perform the Dark Baptism.

Sabrina sees them. Her white dress becomes black after entering the woods, a fire burns up and she goes inside. Everybody was whispering something. Weird sister were also present there. Father Blackwood asks Sabrina to sit down. Father welcomes the daughter of night. Father asks to disrobe her. Father says we are gathered here for the souls of living and dead. He asks her to kneel. Father says you will be what nature meant you to be. Father says do you believe in Lucifer and she says yes father. She says do you agree that you will be following the Path of Night. She says yes. Father cuts her hand and blood drops. Sabrina remembers the future which she saw. Father drops the blood on the book of beasts.

Father Blackwood says you will give your mind and soul to the Satan. Sabrina says no you said I will be having free will. She steps back and says I cannot do this. Zelda says do not you dare. Sabrina sees her mother and she was asking her to run. Father Blackwood asks to get her. Sabrina tries to escape but some branches get her. She manages to escape and comes to home. Ambrose sees her coming. Sabrina shouts Ambrose. He sees entire coven was following her. Father says you must sign the book of the beasts.

Ambrose says do not dare to enter. Sabrina says I will not sign the book and My name is Sabrina Spellman and I will not sign it away. Father Blackwood asks to get her but Ambrose saves her. Ms Wardwell gets scared and says please do not kill me and says I do not deserve mercy. She says I am worthy of your love and I kiss your beautiful feet. She says I will not stumble you again and you shall have her. Ms Wardwell says I will try my best.

Zelda becomes angry and Sabrina and Sabrina asks why Zelda is not talking to her. Sabrina says she saw her mother and father and they asked her to leave the ceremony and that’s why she left. Zelda becomes sad. Sabrina goes to the school and they come to know that WICCA has started. Ms Wardwell says that I wanna to become the part of this. Hawthrone calls Sabrina. Sabrina goes to the principal. Sabrina hugs Harvey and then she says I will be needing you Harvey. She kiss him. When she goes to the principal’s office. Hawthrone suddenly becomes like Dark Lord and he says why you left the ceremony and he says I will get you and you will sign my book. Sabrina says I do not think so. He says do you think you can defeat me as you have the flesh of mortal and that mortal flesh must burn. Sabrina becomes scared and she starts crying.

She goes and vomits. She thinks how he can do that. Sabrina goes home and tell her aunts about this and then Zelda says that you have pushed us to the devastation. Ms Wardwell is determined for something. Ambrose asks how can I talk to a familiar of another witch. Zelda says that familiar are loyal and they will not talk to anyone else. Sabrina remembers the face of Hawthrone as Dark Lord. She talks to Harvey and she says I believe you. Roz says that this book is problematic and Principal Hawthrone said that we cannot read this book. Sabrina says yes you should read this and nobody can stop you. Hawthrone talks to Roz and says we cannot allow you to read those bad graphics book.

Roz becomes angry and says I will read that. Sabrina asks what happened. Roz says he cannot official ban the book as we can find everything in the library. Roz asks none of the books are there in the shelf. Librarian says we have purged out those books as they were bad. Sabrina gets to know about the summon sent by Church of Night. Zelda says that you will be judged and trialed in front of the entire coven.