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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Episode 3 Updates


The episode 3 starts with the Sabrina seeing the Dark Lord in her principal and she vomits it out. She gets tensed and suddenly Ms Wardwell comes and Sabrina becomes scared. Ms Wardwell asks if she can call her aunties to pick her up as she is not seeming fine.

Ambrose comes and sees that lizard on his table. He asks if he can talk to another witch’s familiar and get to know about them. Zelda says you are not allowed to do as per the rules of your House Arrest. He says i thought if i will get to speak with this familiar then i will get to know how Connor died. Zelda says no they are faithful and they will not tell you anything and they will be dying soon after the death of his master. Zelda says give it to me. Ambrose says no i cannot. Sabrina remembers how Haworth was talking. Harvey asks what happened. She says i was just thinking and now i am back. Suddenly Roz comes and says you will not believe that teacher dismissed my book and said it is illogical. Harvey says its classic, Bluest Eye. Roz says no one can decide what we will read. Susie says what our club can do in this. Roz says fine. Haworth says we do not ban books at Baxter High. Sabrina looks at him and he asks why you are looking at me like this. Roz says why you banned all these books. Haworth says that these books are not good for youth. Roz says i do not believe Haworth. She looks for some other books.

Roz goes to the librarian. Librarian says that these books are not here anymore. Sabrina comes and says you cannot believe what happened today. Zelda says i cannot understand and shows her the infernal summons which came from the Dark world. Sabrina asks what is this now. Hilda says you have been charged in the court. Zelda says you embarrassed us and you made a promise to the Dark Lord and now you are not fulfilling that. After you came to give your soul and then you ran away, now my dear you will be going to the court and attending trials.

Zelda becomes angry and says never ever our family has been summoned and attended trails but because of you, we have to do this. Sabrina says i do not understand when did i made a promise that i will give my soul to Dark Lord. She says someone is suing me? Zelda says Dark Lord is suing me and he is determined to take you in the path of Night. Sabrina says what is this as i also saw Dark Lord in Hawthrone. Zelda says see Hilda how angry is Dark Lord from us. Sabrina says i do not want to follow the Path of Night and i am not going to any of the trials of Court of Witches. Zelda says not only you but Hilda and I are also summoned because of you. Sabrina stops and says we are on trial too. Sabrina says that does not makes any sense. Hilda says we are your guardians and we are also subjected to the trials as you are our responsibility and what are your actions are our responsibility too.

Sabrina says we are innocent until guilty. Ambrose says Witches law is totally opposite Guilty until proven innocent. Zelda says do you know what it is? She shows her the tooth of Hilda. She tells that we are not having our powers also as we are guilty and we will be aged and rot until the verdict. Sabrina gets shocked. Zelda says your trial begins at midnight. Sabrina talks to Ambrose and says i never promised anything to Dark lord but still i have to attend trial. Ambrose says you can hire a lawyer for your case. She says who? Ambrose tells that he is mortal and has fought many cases. Sabrina says i am in and will hire him. Ambrose tells Daniel Wimster and gives Sabrina his card. She says i will be going there.

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Father Blackwood and Zelda meets and then Zelda says Sabrina made this mistake and can’t we settle this in between us. Zelda says you me and Dark Lord without this humiliating Trials and then Father Blackwood says please bring Sabrina and ask her to submit her into the Church of Night and we will see as Dark Lord is not without mercy. Zelda says okay i will bring Sabrina and surely she will apologize. Faustus kisses her and says you are aging too soon. Suddenly her hair come up and she took her hair and goes. Zelda says see you in the court. Ms Wardwell also comes there and says girl is in my charge. Ms Wardwell says that you have failed to get the signature of Sabrina. Ms Wardwell says i feast on male flesh. Sabrina goes to the Daniel. She asks are you Daniel. He says who are you. She says i am Sabrina Spellman.

Sabrina says I have been summoned and i need to go into the court as my family is also summoned. He asks are you reborn? She says no i am a half witch. He looks at the summons. She says please help me. He says no i am sorry as i do not practice anymore and breach of promise that is tricky. Sabrina goes and then Daniel looks at her daughter. Tommy looks at the sketch of Harvey and Harvey says yes. His father comes and asks if he is looking for a job. Zelda says we are going in the trial and we are going to admit our mistake and accept the punishment so that this mess would be cleaned up. Sabrina says do i have a choice. Zelda says not really. Father welcomes everyone and says Sabrina broke the promise and did not give her soul to the Dark Lord so the punishment is that she has give up her mortal life and upon her death she will burn for 333 years in the pit. Sabrina stands.

Sabrina says nothing. Daniel comes and says she pleads not guilty. Father Blackwood says you are not welcome here. Daniel says where my client goes then i have to follow. Sabrina says yes he is my lawyer. Everyone shouts. Hilda, Zelda and Sabrina go out and Zelda shouts that why you are doing this Sabrina and this mess will become big after the involvement of this lawyer. He says i am well versed in witch law. Zelda asks him not to tell her who is he as she knows he used to roam around her brother all the time. Sabrina says wait, do you know my father. Daniel says yes he is the reason why i came to the Greendale. He says your father told me witch law and he helped me and I had to return the favor. Blackwood says do you know what breach of promise means.

Sabrina says yes when someone makes a promise then break it but categorically i have not done anything that as i never promised you anything. Father Blackwood says that do yo when a groom runs out on a bride then he promised to wed but then eventually runs then that is also a breach of promise. He asks did you not willingly go to woods that night. He says you wear the wedding dress and you gave the indication that you will be giving your soul but when the moment came then you fled. Daniel says how we can consider a baptism as wedding and where is the proof. He says blood tests are the only thing and show me the signature. He says there was no groom also and no contract was made or promise so no breaching of the promise has taken place.

He says this is not a case. Father Blackwood says i have the Book of the beast and asks Sabrina to read out the signature. She says it spells Sabrina Spellman. Sabrina thinks how it is possible and then Daniel comes and asks how can a baby sign the book as the signature are dated when the Sabrina was born.

Blackwood asks Zelda to come and explain this. Sabrina asks what is happening Aunt Zelda. Father Blackwood asks her to take them back to this date. She says when Sabrina was born then i and Edward went to the woods and signed the name of Sabrina. Everybody claps. Sabrina and everybody goes to the home and Sabrina says now it all makes sense that why you were forcing me to sign my name in the Book of Beast. Sabrina cries and says you just threw me like a used car. She says you and my father both betrayed me. Zelda says you were never meant to find out. Sabrina says why he would do that. Zelda says that he wanted a permission so that your soul needs to be given in exchange. Sabrina asks what permission. Zelda says he wants to marry your mother. Ambrose and Hilda become shocked.

Sabrina says you stood there and you helped him do this. Daniel listens to her daughter and he listens to her daughter saying that why he is wasting his time to help a half witch as he was unable to save her. Sabrina and Harvey goes to the woods and then Harvey asks what happened. Harvey also says that his dad asked him to go into the mines and work. Sabrina says why and you hate the mines. He says i do but i am also terrified. He tells the story that eight years ago when he was playing hide n seek in the mines then he got into the mines and then i lost and for 3 hours i was stucked and trying to get back to the mines entry and he says i swear to god that i have seen something and he was so huge and his head was like goat. I could not move and i could not breathe but then Tommy found me and its years but i am unable to get out of this and what if he is down there waiting for me.

Sabrina and Harvey comes and Ms Wardwell tells that FICCA got some permission. Roz comes and brings the books. Sabrina says you cannot punish them for flying paper. Hawthrone asks Roz to come to the office. Sabrina and her family perform funeral of Conner and then Ambrose sees a guy standing there and he goes to him. He says Conner was your friend. Luke says we have dated few times and where is lizard which was always with him. Ambrose says oh do you mean that lizard was familiar.

Luke tells that they has bond. He says i have the lizard upstairs and maybe you want to say hi. Luke goes and says maybe other time. Ms Wardwell pastes the negative comments of Daniel and then Sabrina follows the daughter of Daniel and gets to see the book with negative comments about Daniel. She gets disturbed and Ms Wardwell sees her. Sabrina goes to the Daniel and asks why you helped people who were murderers and Sabrina says you are fired, Daniel says i was at your place and wanted to become the greatest lawyer but the Dark Lord plays with us. Once i also signed the book and then i started to win cases and i was mad about winning the cases. Then after i realised that the cases which i took were so depraved and not good. he says there is always a trick and they try to fool us. He says i saved a man who did unspeakable things to the girls and then one day i need to pay and i after i freed him, he broke in and did those things to my daughter and i cannot help it. He says i think that that if i will be able to save you then it will be good.

Next trial comes and Daniel says that Zelda and Hilda have delivered many child to the Dark Lord and including her niece Sabrina. He asks if she can tell Sabrina’s mother was a mortal. She says absolutely. Daniel says so Sabrina becomes half witch and half mortal.

And therefore half laws of mortals. Daniel says i deny this venue and the laws of this court. Everyone shouts. Ambrose reads a book then window gets knocked and Luke comes in. Ambrose asks how you get in here and Ambrose says what are you, a vampire. He says i am a warlock like you and what Connor was. Father Blackwood says we need to determine the dominant nature of the Sabrina that it is mortal or a witch. He says we need to test it according to the human law. We will push her in the river and if she floats then she is a witch and if she drowns then she is a mortal. Daniel objects. Daniel says it is unacceptable. Father Blackwood says then the other alternative is that Sabrina will show the witch’s mark on her in front of the entire coven. Father blackwood says if she will not be having any mark on her body then we will accept her humanity.

Zelda says i forbid this and this is unacceptable. They talks and Daniel asks if Sabrina is having any mark. Father Blackwood comes in and says you will excuse my unannounced visitation but i have come with a news. Father says i pleaded on your behalf to Dark Lord and he has come up with the solution that you will be allowed for your yearly visitation to your mortal friends, but you must ratify your signature in the Book of Beast and dismiss your admission from Baxter High. Zelda says this is perfect. Daniel says remember this is trick and you are dealing with Dark lord.

Sabrina goes to the woods with Harvey and says if she can tell him something. She says my Aunties are saying that i am having a birthmark and i have to see it any cost. Will you tell me and look for the birthmark on my body. Harvey says i am confused right now. She takes off her sweater. And asks Harvey to see if there is any birthmark on her body.

Next day Roz and Susie sit together and Roz says I am going to be blind as she is having myopic atrophy and in about three months and no one can stop you from going blind, she says i do not know how much books i will be going to read and that’s why every single one is important. Tommy and Harvey get ready to go into the mines but he gets lost and thinks about That demon which he saw. Harvey says i cannot do this. Tommy asks Harvey to go home.

Sabrina says i have made my decision and i am not taking the deal and i am not having any witches mark so there is nothing to worry out. Zelda says this is out of our dignity. Sabrina says if they will not find any mark then what is going to happen next. Daniel says, in that case, we will demand the retrial in human court where you will be innocent until guilty. Zelda and Hilda listen. Sabrina says in that case then we will ask them to give the superpowers to aunties. Zelda says that’s sweet but to get stripped in the court is not right and Sabrina shouts what happened to me before was also awful. Zelda says okay and Sabrina tells this is mine battle and let’s go over this. She goes. Hilda says things are getting worse and worse for her and she cries. Hilda goes upstairs and sees box, she does some magic then and brings Sabrina’s things back. Harvey draws the sketch of Dark Lord and his brother comes and protects him from his father. His father hurts him.

At night, Daniel and everyone reach the court. Father Blackwood says as demanded by you, Sabrina will be checked. Daniel asks the examination to be held in a private chamber. Father Blackwood says permission denied. Suddenly Hilda comes and says please stop as she has found something. Hilda comes and shows something to Daniel. Dishonors ask Hilda to come closer and Daniel says please tell what is this. She says it is having the name of Sabrina and witnessed by Hilda Spellman and Diana. Daniel says it is the proof that Sabrina has been baptized in the holy church of Greendale. She gasps. Father Blackwood says that then the conflicts arises that who is having the soul of Sabrina. Daniel says this is a binding contract as the date is one day before Edward spellman signed it in the book of beast. Daniel says null and vod QED and Blackwood becomes so angry that this is outrageous. Sabrina says i will tell you what is outrageous, the Dark Lord’s behaviour is outrageous.

A private chamber opens and Daniel and Father Blackwood goes there. Zelda says how can you do that Hilda. Sabrina says dad did not know that mom has baptized me in the holy church. Sabrina says they both were deceivers. Zelda says honor your father and mother. Sabrina says no more secrets and tell me everything. Father Blackwood says that Sabrina continues her mortal life as well as Academy of Unseen arts. Sabrina says i accept. Father Blackwood says powers are returned to the Spellman family. Zelda says Praise Satan as i am young again.

Daniel goes and Sabrina says thank you for helping me win. Daniel says take advantage of this qualified victory and nobody has beaten the devil but just might. Hilda talks to Zelda. Zelda say you have been excommunicated from church of night as you took part in the holy baptism. Hilda says what do i do now.